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Since the onset of easyjet and other discount airlines, I have started to travel more within Europe. It seems all very romantic, especially as an American, to be traveling to Copenhagen one weekend and then spending some time in Amsterdam another weekend. But, something strange has persisted in my observations; I haven’t been able to shake the recognition that the same chain stores and fast food restaurants exist everywhere I go. At times I even wonder if I am in the place I am supposed to be…then of course the language of the signage gives it all away and I feel momentarily relieved.

As a result, I find myself wishing for more of a distinct difference between countries. Largely this sense of sameness can be attributed to globalization. Fortunate or unfortunate as that maybe, this seems to be the result of our economically shrinking world. ‘Luckily’ we have the Euro now, and we don’t’ have to think about changing our money into another currency and fortunately I can buy that dress I saw at H&M in Rome, in Berlin, because they didn’t have my size in Rome. Somehow I have grown accustomed to the ease of this economic sameness around me.

Still, is a result of these observations. The project represents my desire to make a cohesive body of work that transcended location, and at times culture. Using bird dioramas as a continuing theme throughout the work, I also wanted to call attention to the absurdity of the fabrication we, as humans, insist on creating, of the natural world around us. Birds, like humans, are forever moving and changing and morphing. It is hard to imagine us becoming so predictable as the birds are in their permanent environments.

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