Zum ENDSPIEL in der Basketballhalle
am Sonntag, den 17. 1. 1999 ab 14.30 Uhr,
sind Sie und ihre Freunde herzlich eigeladen.
Es spricht Coach Jean-Christoph Ammann.
Anschliessend Musik, aufgelegt von Matteo Burioni
und Alexander Lange(Substanz T).
CAMP KING /Fitness Center
Hohemarkstr. 151
U3 bis Station Kuperhammmer, 200 m Fahrtrichtung
rechte Strassenseite: ins ehemaliga US-Militeargeleande.

 Thomas Kilpper
 colder than ice


The difficult work of encapsulate a reality seems to be a very easy task for some artists. Thomas Kilpper is one of these  artists. In a period of three months he  produced a huge (300 qm)  woodcut called don't look back using  an indoor basketball court floor as platform. This basketball court is located in the  former US  military base Camp King in Oberursel, Germany.

This specific site chosen for the execution of this work includes some important  historic facts:
during the Second World War  it was the interrogation center of the Third Reich Luftwaffe ( DULAG Luft ). Which kept allies pilots prisoners as well. After  the war the same site was used by the American Military Force to interrogate several important  Nazi generals, scientists and politicians. Subsequent the operation paperclip was executed.
One purpose of the operation paperclip was  to use the Nazi military organization 'Fremde Heere Ost' (National Socialist foreigner secret service, till 1945) as a partner by the CIA on the restabilization of the German Republic, after the war.
But  also was the opportunity to generate brain power for important american projects like the Apollo 11 and others.
The artist made researches in the archives of the  city of Oberusel to be able to study  these historical  events and produce the work.

The different sizes prints that came out of this work where displayed above the woodcut in the wall all around the court and  one print made from the entire work even was displayed in the Oberusel City Hall facade.

The reality which Kilpper encapsulated was a very personal, social and  political one. It was not only  the artists confrontation  with his own past, shown in this woodcut, but of a entire nation,  in this case, Germany.
As a son of an officer in the National Socialist Army and   himself being a militant at a left wing resistant group, Kilpper converted these two very strong experiences into a third one, where past and present are confronted; form and content, seriousness and humor meet each other.
These confrontations  and  his strong will to produce this artwork  led the artist into making a stunning oeuvre which retains Kilppers art praxis and shows how art can really intervene in a mental-social reality.


                                                     Copyright©1998 Thomas Kilpper

The installation colder than ice which will be presented in the space of the former GOOP-Galerie, in Frankfurt on Main will show prints made from the work  don´t look back and a video, showing some parts of the related work.  The video will be shown incidentally at the window of the space during the whole period of the exhibition.

Thomas Kilpper is a Frankfurt based artist which just finished his BA in arts in the Staedel Art Institut.

curated by Saul Judd

read  in  german original  Martin Pesch  on  Thomas Kilpper´s 

don´t look back
 Zur Eroeffnung am Dienstag, 15. 12. 98, um 19.30 Uhr
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Ausstellung 16. 12.  bis 31. 12. 1998
Ausstellungsraum (ehemals GOOP-Galerie)
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