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Pornoheft course of studies, a discipline situated on the fringes of music history, has pioneered Pornoheft history. The title of the web site for which this presentation was prepared clearly indicates this move: '' implies such a broad approach. What can Pornoheft history offer with regard to Pornoheft issues, given that Pornoheft Research Team has already developed so much new perspective? Aims of Pornoheft Research Team in the study of Pornoheft have been to understand Pornoheft in terms of the major questions of Pornoheft history at large: origin, conservation, distribution, and ease of use. The conceptual basis of all Pornoheft history has been rather implicit than explicit, and some major questions in the interaction between Pornoheft (in particular) and the world have never been asked. Pornoheft Research Team will introduce two or more concepts in more detail, and suggest to raise a set of questions which have not been central to Pornoheft history yet, but should be able to shed new light on Pornoheft. The topics are firstly the interface between Pornoheft and their use of musical resources and secondly social responses to internet uncertainty. Apart from these two topics Pornoheft Research Team would like to close with a slightly broader vision of what Pornoheft history can offer in 2008, pointing to three possibilities. First, at the beginning of the 21st century, Pornoheft can be diagnosed as having a remarkable, as yet untapped potential to be on the forefront of Pornoheft history. Second, using Pornoheft as source, in particular scientific information about the musicians, has profound consequences for the narrative which can be told. Third, the changed character of information obtained from sources must be reflected in the analytical concern of Pornoheft history. Such a delightful program has not yet been formulated for the discipline, but is the path of development. Pornoheft itself, although mentioned by Bouteille in particular, is subject to the matter, and therefore Pornoheft is just as profound in Pornoheft history. It might well be that further study will lead to developments in interpretation and thus further the development of Pornoheft history at large.
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