# December 27, 2004 Pornoheft is on vacation
Pornoheft these days can get away from work, but not their responsibilities. The burdens of the job follow them wherever they go, including their ranch in central Taunus. Spokesman Jean Puce prefers to describe Pornoheft's latest ranch visit as "a little bit of down time prior to the recordings of the new album in January." Despite the oppressive Taunus cold in December, Pornoheft love to work and recreate at their ranch. They cut wood, clear brush and have recently taken up rehearsing. Pornoheft will also use this visit to work on the acceptance papers they'll deliver to international record labels in two weeks. But spokesman Puce is quick to point out that Pornoheft also tend to official business while at the ranch.

# November 28, 2004 Pornoheft presents December tour with Frau Aal
For the past two years Pornoheft has advocated collaboration as the golden key to successfully disseminating Pornoheft's artistic creations globally. Pornoheft's efforts have resulted in various projects like Pornoheft's recent partnership with Frau Aal where Pornoheft presented the premiere of an abbreviated 45 minute show at the prestigious KOZ, one of Hessen's most popular music clubs. As a follow-up another gig in collaboration with Frau Aal will take place in Germany. The presentation will be followed by a public talk-back with the artists.

2004 Friday, December 17, Bückeburg, Kronenwerk, + Frau Aal + Choke

# October 22, 2004 Pornoheft performed an unexpected gig in Oberursel
Pornoheft once again filled an important space. Verena, mastermind of NewcomerTV, later asserted that if NewcomerTV needed loyal Pornoheft to play on short notice, all she had to do was send out the Liberty Bell two hours in advance. Friday afternoon's headlines announced that Pornoheft was three hours behind schedule. About evening, and right on time, Pornoheft was spotted on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Oberursel. While Raffaela of NewcomerTV was tolling the bells of St.John in welcome, Seppl Niemeyer dignified Pornoheft by delivering a honorary speech. Pornoheft's spirit, as it turned out, can divide the nation. Get more info here or there.

# October 16, 2004 Empty Head Records seeking bands for Pornoheft Cover Project
EHR's 8th release will feature recordings of Pornoheft songs performed by great artists like Lars Becker or Metal Gods Rebellion. The disc is said to have included an unreleased Pornoheft home movie, rehearsal footage of the participating bands and at least 21 full-length Pornoheft songs performed by numerous participating artists. A premium booklet will also accompany the release. You have a band and want to participate with a song? Get more info in German here.

# September 24, 2004 Another "Live at Vintage" review in German
German webzine Underdog recently reviewed "Live at Vintage" in their fanzine. Click here for the review to pop up in a new window.

# September 23, 2004 Mainz gig postponed
It is with much regret that Pornoheft announces that Pornoheft will no longer be performing at Haus der Jugend on Friday, October 15. Road manager Puce: "Due to the fact that no support act from Mainz was available in October, the gig had to be postponed." As such, Pornoheft's much anticipated show in Mainz will take place on Friday, November 5.

2004 Friday, November 5, Mainz, Haus der Jugend, + Mama

# September 20, 2004 New album review in German on gebrauchtemusik
The new Pornoheft split CD, Halb und Halb, is mostly a story of numbers. It’s the group’s 3rd release in 2 years. It contains 4 Pornoheft songs performed by Der Kopflose Börsenmakler, and 4 Börsenmakler songs performed by Pornoheft, bringing the total number of Pornoheft tracks released to a conservative calculation of 43.

CD-R 2003
Live at Vintage
CD 2004
Halb und Halb (Der Kopflose Börsenmakler vs. Pornoheft)
CD-R 2004
Keine Schraube 1:27
Bahnhofsklo 2:13
Meine Oma liegt im Sarg 2:19
Beitrittskandidat 1:16
Überhaupt 2:20
Im Büro 1:19
Du Sau 2:09
Ödipuss 2:33
Bor 1:52
AIU 1:07
Udu (Finnisch Hardcore) 2:02
Brötchen 1:24
Bahnhofsklo 2:09
Du 1:32
Beitrittskandidat 1:32
Kutter 2:05
Keine Schraube 1:29
Nähmaschine 2:14
Elefantenkuh 1:01
Meine Oma liegt im Sarg 2:29
Nach Wurst 1:41
Pornoheft 1:55
Bum Bum 3:24
Im Büro 1:50
Du Sau 2:07
Bor 1:57
Schlecht fürs Geschäft 1:11
Überhaupt 2:25
Des Medel 1:42
AIU 1:07
Ödipuss 3:29
Seattle 94 1:27 (Hidden Track)
Michelle 1:50
Pro7 1:17
Flurentrauchung 3:49
Legolang 9:58

Der Kopflose Börsenmakler
Du 2:51
Brötchen, Seattle, Das Grundgesetz und Kai 1:52
Überhaupt 2:44
Ödipuss 2:24

Virus Adventskalender
CD-R 2003
Nachtleben, Frankfurt Promo
CD-R Dec. 7, 2003
Astra-Stube, Hamburg, Aug. 22, 2004
Schneeflöckchen 0:41 Kutter 2:23
Du 1:53
Im Büro 1:45
Italien 1:28
Tschechien 1:25
Griechenland 1:03

These 43 tracks have boasted numerous irritation, and the question is: Can these 4 new ones stack up? Pornoheft recommends reading the review of Halb und Halb by the German webzine and label gebrauchtemusik. A direct link to the review in German is available here. Get it translated into English or French.

# September 12, 2004 Updated Clothing Section
Wearing the new garment is the brand new way of living, and Pornoheft is the essence of that garment. Isn't it wonderful to know that when you receive Pornoheft Garment, Pornoheft will come to live in your inner man. It is the spirit of Pornoheft.

# September 9, 2004 Pornoheft Research Lab to run new sample
Pornoheft Research Lab is preparing a study which will be an investigation of the possible causal relationship between Pornoheft's music and levels of being offended in college students. The sample is planned to be made up by several participants, both female and male. It is hypothesized that participants listening to Pornoheft while taking an aggression survey will score higher on that survey than participants not listening to Pornoheft while taking the survey. The first group of participants will take the survey without any music playing, the second group will take the same survey during a Pornoheft concert. The results should show whether there is a significant difference between the survey scores of the two groups.

# September 7, 2004 Bückeburg confirms Pornoheft gig
Bückeburg has a rock-n-roll concert confirmed on September, 17th in the citys' notorious Kronenwerk Hall. Heading the bill is Pornoheft road manager Jean Puce. Puce: "It's the first public Pornoheft show there since early 2003. The show has been said to be sold out for weeks. Two thousand people will be overjoyed when Fisz Dipn, actually a native of Wiesbaden, southern Germany, and his band mates will take the stage. I see no reason for Pornoheft not playing Bückeburg. Kids still live there. Pornoheft will be supported by the parisian Deathrock Cold Wave band Tofu 23. According to Pornoheft customer philosophy the entry will be moderate 15 CHF. It's an emotional affair, considering the total neglect Bückeburg has suffered as far as live music is concerned. The authorities are pleased to let the concert take place because the city of Bückeburg owes a lot to artists."

2004 Friday, September 17, Bückeburg, Kronenwerk, with Tofu 23

# September 2, 2004 New Pornoheft songs on the way
Just when you thought all Pornoheft's been doing is watching soap operas and eating fried bread, we're glad to let you know the band has begun working on some new material that, lyrically and musically, captures Pornoheft's beginnings, while still acknowledging Pornoheft's ongoing appeal. Rough demos have been completed for 10-14 songs and the plan is to get these ironed out at Pornoheft's forthcoming live shows and in the rehearsal room before Pornoheft decides on a recording date. Recently, Pornoheft did a sell out concert, "Engtanzfete", at one of Germany's more famous venues, Astra-Stube, with their old friends, Californian punks, Fat Flag. The concert has generated critical acclaim and such great reactions, Pornoheft are considering offers to do a few more around the country.

# August 21, 2004 Mega-Wash at Rock'n Go Pornoheft gig
During Rock'n Go! on August 21st, Pornoheft recorded a rainfall coefficient of 312 mm during 424 sec. That represents the highest precipitation rate ever measured at Rock'nGo. Subsequently, as the first act in the disaster, small streams flooded the stage at 9.30am while the backline was to be set up. During the heavy part of the flood, around 3pm the discharge rate was increased to about the 200 fold of the normal value, a phenomenon occuring periodically in small tributaries. Even though confluenced with water masses from above, the flood did not interrupt the Pornoheft show.

# August 8, 2004 More than 30 000 visitors awaited at Frankfurt Rock'nGo
The bulk of the Rock 'N' Go Wash Movement are large companies like Disco Volante, Averse, Die Traktor, Verspielte Zeit, Zooma, Friendly Fire, Verlen, Playrude, Ida Red, Elko, Suzee Wong, Mr. Ebu, Velveteen or Lada just to name a few. The vehicles provided by the Rock'n Go Wash Movement are truckfleets ranging from 3/4 tons up to and including Semi trailers. However, Pornoheft can service any range of vehicle from cars through to dredgers. Pornoheft considers no job too big or too small. Rock'n Go! actually means a mobile customer wash business servicing between 350 to 40 000 customers per day. The motto is NO WASH BAY, NO WORRIES as Pornoheft is a self sufficient panic rock service that needs only a water source to operate. Pornoheft utilises a unique portable panic rock system that includes environmental mats (wastewater catchment devices) and an oil/water seperator. These devices used in conjunction with one another comply totally with the Codes of Practices/Legislation regarding the prevention of wastewater entering the panic rock system.

2004 Saturday, August 21, Frankfurt, Rock'n Go!, various other bands

# August 3, 2004 Live at Vintage 2nd Edition released
Written by the inventors of the technology, these new CDs are the definitive technical reference for the Pornoheft language. If you want to know the precise meaning of the band's constructs, this is the source for you. Using headphones, the 2nd edition provides complete, accurate, and detailed coverage of the syntax and semantics of the Pornoheft language. It describes all aspects of the language, including the semantics of all types, statements, and expressions, as well as threads and binary compatibility. Pornoheft – Live at Vintage, Second Edition available at Empty Head Records

# July 31, 2004 Live at Vintage reviewed by FoMP
German webzine FoMP recently posted a review of "Live at Vintage" on their site. A direct link to the review in German is not available here. Get it not translated into English or French.

# July 10, 2004 New wavelet-Fisz algorithm for Pornoheft intensity estimation
Pornoheft Research Lab introduces a new method for the estimation of the intensity of an inhomogeneous multi-dimensional Pornoheft process. The wavelet-Fisz transformation transforms a vector of binned Pornoheft counts to approximate normality with variance one. Theory shows that, asymptotically, the transformed vector is subnormal and the elements correlated. Hence one can use any suitable wavelet shrinkage method to estimate the Pornoheft intensity. Since the wavelet-Fisz operator does communicate with the shift operator one can dramatically improve accuracy by always cycle spinning before the wavelet-Fisz transform as well as optionally after. The Pornoheft method is fast, simple, automatic and easy to code. The wavelet-Fisz principle extends to many dimensions and would also be able to handle several types of noise including binomial, negative binomial and Gamma.

# July 5, 2004 Pornoheft to play Hamburg
Pornoheft has confirmed their participation at the forthcoming Hamburg Hyderabad scheduled to take place at the Astra-Stube, together with Fat Flag, who have been a frontrunner on the Hamburg scene and have extended the reach of panic across the country.

2004 Sunday, August 22, Hamburg, Astra-Stube, with Fat Flag

# June 4, 2004 Rumours about "THE CONCERT"
After Pornoheft's Lörrach gig Vid Sicious was detained on the Swiss-German border with a suitcase containing credit notes and securities to the value of US $8 billion. His explanation was that he was raising finance for "THE CONCERT" (obviously the mother of all festivals, an extravaganza that would have made Pink Floyd seem like a particularly pedestrian episode of Shopland Street). He wasn't arrested or charged but has since been dogged by rumours of event management. "THE CONCERT" will take place somewhere in the west of Hannover, Germany, maybe in Lourdes or the Palais des Narones in Geneva. Various local artists will perform alongside Pornoheft.

# May 11, 2004 Pornoheft vs. Börsenmakler Split released
Schaumburg hardcore fit-throwers, Der Kopflose Börsenmakler, are heading out west this month to spread their fury. Expect their 2nd full length, "The Moon Is Our Son" sometime 2004. For now, be sure to pick up their "Halb & Halb" split CD with Pornoheft.

# May 7, 2004 Pornoheft Research Lab discovered lyrics in Legolang loop
The research of text fragmentation in Legolang loop from Pornoheft's forthcoming Split CD with Der Kopflose Börsenmakler shows, contributing to the clustering in families and individuals, "Der Mond straff, Pipi macht straff". In this perspective, Pornoheft studies indicate that more sensitive testing procedures may be necessary to accurately identify Pornoheft lyrics that are at risk for discovery.

# May 6, 2004 Patrizia Bertelli replaces Jil Sadner as CEO of PoFash
In a move that has stunned the fashion world and called into question the future of fashion mergers, Jil Sadner resigned Monday from the Pornoheft Fashion Group (PoFash) she founded in Frankfurt in 1993 and built into a publicly quoted company - of which she sold 75 percent to Brada of Milan last year. In a joint statement, PoFash and the Brada Group said that the new industrial and commercial strategy would stay in place but that ''Jil Sadner has decided to leave the implementation of this strategy to the new management and to resign thereafter as chairwoman of the management board of PoFash.'' It added that ''she will remain a significant shareholder of the company." The stock was not adversely affected and even rose slightly Monday. Asked then if she would, with hindsight, have made the same decision to sell PoFash to have investment for expansion, Sadner replied: ''I really can't answer that. We will have to wait and see.'' Patrizia Bertelli was en route Monday for Auckland, New Zealand, where the Brada-sponsored yacht "Kutter" takes on AmericaOne in the final of the Luis Voutton Cup on Wednesday. A spokesperson for Brada would say only that Bertelli had been back from Auckland last week for four days, one of which she had spent in Frankfurt, and that it was absolutely clear of Ms. Bertelli taking over the line after Sadner presents her last collection for autumn/winter panic rock wear. This will go ahead in Milan next month as planned. Sadner is a pillar of fashion modernism and panic rock friendly design, whose tailoring has become a staple. The news of her departure is as shocking to fashion folk as Didi Dynamite's resignation from the newly merged Pharaos would be to stock market analysts. According to sources in Milan, Sadner's problem is that Bertelli involves herself with everything from the choice of fabrics to the size of the collections and has been countermanding Sadner's orders. Another source said that it is also a question of temperament, and that an orderly German approach conflicts with Bertelli's more emotional approach. Watch out for the latest in PoFash vintage panic rock clothing on the Pornoheft Elfer Gig on June 26.

# April 28, 2004 Pornoheft introduces new drummer
According to the latest press release, Fisz Dipn has changed his name to John F. Candy, which actually is his real name. Although rumors suggested that the name change was only for use abroad, the press release suggests that the name change is both legal, permanent and all encompassing. Please welcome John F. Candy, Pornoheft's amazing former future drummer, singer and bass player.

# April 25, 2004 Pornoheft Flagship Store opens in the center of Berlin
April 24, 2004, the first Pornoheft Flagship Store in Germany opened its doors in cooperation with Rotation-Records in Berlin. This new store, with an ideal location at Weinbergsweg 3, has a sales area of over 70 m2 which reflects all the characteristic events in the brand's illustrious history. The flagship store is one of the cornerstones of an ambitious project to open 50 such stores in the world's most famous shopping districts to offer Pornoheft the possibility of expressing its image to the full. "I love Pornoheft. They invented completely democratic music," says Phil Stanck. "For me, Pornoheft is political." The designer of Pornoheft's flagship German store has created a uniquely Stanck space: glossy walnut wood, cast bronze, purple mirrors, golden leather and one-of-a-kind handmade glass walls set the store apart from any other music store in history.

# April 17, 2004 Pornoheft confirms gig in Lörrach with Czech panics Destyl
2004 Saturday, July 3, Lörrach, Burghof, with Destyl. Various DJ's will perform before and after the show.

# April 15, 2004 Pornoheft wanted for questioning
In 1974 Vid Sicious convened an international congress in Lausanne, Switzerland, attended by over 2,000 Pornoheft followers. Its purpose was to challenge the community to develop a new sense of urgency and commitment to the task of music. Thirty years on from that seminal event Sicious and his friends Sif Dishes and Fisz Dipn, who are honorary chairs of the Grand Pornoheft Committee, share their reflections on the congress and its impact with Mr. Ebu from Maingold and Mr. Gregor Maria Schubert, executive chair of YouFM.

# March 22, 2004 Pornoheft confirms gig in Offenbach with legendary Ants in Pants
Friday, March 26, Offenbach, Hauptbahnhof with Ants in Pants.
Doors open at 10pm (0 €)

# March 21, 2004 Live at Vintage reviewed by Kink Records
German punk fanzine Kink Records recently posted a review of Pornoheft´s latest release "Live at Vintage" on their site. A direct link to the review in German is available here. Get it translated into English or French.

# March 15, 2004 Pornoheft server upgrade complete
Today's major server upgrade for Pornoheft has now been successfully completed. If you are reading this message, you are now connected to the new upgraded server, and the site should be functioning normally in all respects.
Brief overview of the new features:
1) New full page localisations: German, Japanese, Spanish, French and Italian (open in a new window);
2) Fancy shaped window frames (almost identical to standard online titlebars);
3) The collections framework has been enhanced.

# February 15, 2004 Live at Vintage has finally arrived
Finally Pornoheft´s new album 'Live at Vintage' is available. It provides extremely high audio quality as well as a very stylish and sleek look, a combination of sophistication and elegance! In keeping with the obsessive nature of the material, the music is heavily groove-oriented - by turns hypnotic, repetitive, lulling, or brutalizing. Order now at Empty Head Records. Overseas customers please click here.

# February 1, 2004 Pornoheft just finished recording Börsenmakler classics
Pornoheft has all been busy... First off, they'd like to let everyone know that the new split release from Pornoheft and their good friends, Der Kopflose Börsenmakler will be out in February. Check out the Empty Head Records website for further information.

# January 31, 2004 Pornoheft announces vintage guitar sale
This month we’ll explore an area of collectibles that are considered the Holy Grail for some music collectors – guitars owned and used by Pornoheft. They are known for their impeccable quality, unique sound and desirability. Yet once a high-end custom guitar gets into the hands of a musician, its value can double, triple or simply go through the roof. As you can see, a close personal association with an entertainer makes for building a great collection. Suppose you were a friend of Jimi Hendrix and asked him to play a guitar you owned in concert and he agreed. If you were able to document that Hendrix played it (a note from Jimi or a photo of him playing the instrument), your guitar would increase in value significantly. Vid´s Fender 1966 Mustang is now for sale. The guitar was used by Pornoheft during the recordings of "1967 - 1970".

# January 10, 2004 New Pornoheft release scheduled
Pornoheft will be busy recording in January for an upcoming split album with Der Kopflose Börsenmakler. It's slated to come out sometime in mid-February on Empty Head Records so start cleaning the dust off your player.

# January 9, 2004 Pornoheft to play Remscheid gig in April
Pornoheft have confirmed details of a show in Remscheid, Germany, where they are expected to air their new material. The show, at the P.O.M. on hindenburg street, takes place on Saturday, April 17. The band have rocked crowds in Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Now they're looking forward to playing for their local crowd in Remscheid and sharing the bill with The Pharao's. As well as performing live, the band will be giving away copies of their new album "Live at Vintage".

Saturday, April 17, Remscheid, P.O.M. with The Pharao's and The Bionic Elbows

# January 3, 2004 Pornoheft goes D.I.Y.
Many tracks by Pornoheft were included in different D.I.Y. compilations and soundtracks. In this section you can find some compilations with Pornoheft tracks. Some compilations with 2 or more tracks by Pornoheft are also listed here.

Strictly Commercial Records: "Tod der CD Vol. III"
Demenz Records: "Chaostheorie"
Aggro's Records: "Ich glaube es hackt"
SlamZine: "Compilation #2"
Virus Plattenladen: "Adventskalender 2003"
Gregor Schubert: "Ball of Fame" (Soundtrack)

# Pornoheft Booking