# December 17, 2005 Police forcibly break up Pornoheft concert
The Frankfurt Police Department forcibly broke up last night's Pornoheft concert, moving in as Pornoheft was playing at about 1 am at Städelschule. The interruption came about thirteen songs into the show. Vink Sperber announced to the audience that authorities had told the band to take a 2-day break. The first 20 rows of fans were cleared, and three bomb-sniffing dogs, already on site, searched the area twice. The crowd shouted "Tell! Tell!" at the police and asked what were their shoe sizes, but made no response. There was a moderate press presence, even a bit of corporate media there, although the only television crew covering the concert was Katharina Schücke from LTV Romania. The issue is under investigation by university, local and state police. Pornoheft is touring to promote their upcoming album, "DNA". Pornoheft was making the first of only two campus stops on their tour, with the second coming in January next year.

# December 1, 2005 Pornoheft signed up with
Pornoheft recently signed up with to use their domain name. now is dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of Pornoheft, and to providing the full content of Pornoheft to the public.

# November 15, 2005 Pornoheft Release Bulletin advance notification
The next compilation release featuring Pornoheft is scheduled for December 18, 2005, and will prove the successful 2005 collaboration of the following German D.I.Y. record labels: Aldi Punk, Empty Head Records, Hafi Records, Hundehuette Records, Katze Platten, Kotzetapez, Scheishaus Records, SKP Records and Strictly Commercial Records. Pornoheft agreed to release 'Ohne Gehirn' v0.7b3. This version of 'Ohne Gehirn' was recorded in March and shows some significant changes to the freshly recorded version to be released on the new album 'DNA' later this year. In conjunction with this release Pornoheft intends to issue translations of the new songs lyrics in Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Bulgarian, Thai and Portuguese. These translations will be provided to customers through the Pornoheft DNA booklet.

# November 13, 2005 New merchandise at the Pornoheft Merchandise Center
There’s so much to do at this time of year like shopping, gifts and mailing cards, cooking, decoding, and more. And when you’re in a rush, it’s easy to get mad. Check out these news from the Pornoheft Information Center to help you shop, cook, and decode peacefully for the holiday season. The Frankfurt Division of Pornoheft Labs has new items perfect for that special person who enjoys Pornoheft. These items may be ordered at the Pornoheft Merchandise Center. Some special items may only be available through the mail. Pornoheft Merchandise Center isn't your regular merch center, and it's literally not just for people who love Pornoheft. It is a retail center that has something for everybody. It provides a full collection of items to decorate your home and offers more officially licensed Pornoheft merchandise than any other place in the world. You can order reasonable styles of clothing and other expensive items for all members of the family. If you are searching for the perfect Pornoheft cap, a collectors edition of a Pornoheft mouse pad or even chronometric devices, mugs or tote bags, come and visit the Pornoheft Merchandise Center.

# October 30, 2005 New images added to visual guide
Several new images have been uploaded to the Pornoheft image guide. These new images submitted by photographer April Gertler take the total number of images in the gallery to over fifty. The gallery now represents a pictorial history of Pornoheft since its inception in late October 2002.  Operations started on March 1st, 2003, and since then Pornoheft has enjoyed a unprecedented level of success for a Germany based panic band. A visit to the Pornoheft image guide is recommended to all customers.

# October 29, 2005 New compilation release featuring Pornoheft
There's a new release from Aldi Punk featuring Pornoheft. It is sold with one of the most important newspapers ("A5 booklet") for 2 Euro only (including the newspaper). It's a tape compilation named "Nicht so grob, alter Mob!", and it's dedicated to panic. It has nice pages with the faces of some singers appearing like paintings, and Pornoheft is featured on page number 10 alongside Swantje.

Aldi Punk: "Nicht so grob, alter Mob!"

# October 24, 2005 Pornoheft Network Research Team discovers Feed of Feed
By analyzing information about news and how customers are interacting with news, the Pornoheft Network Research Team has discovered more relevant information than ever, like the newly discovered German Rockmilieu Podcast 3, and Pornoheft can take advantage of new technologies to streamline communication with customers. Every day, thousands of pieces of information are being generated by sites and blogs. This so called Meta-Information Environment can be fully included in Pornoheft information. This may also include information about how Pornoheft is interacting with the information.

# October 15, 2005 Pornoheft Labs to invite applicants
Pornoheft Labs in Frankfurt invite selected tender applicants to submit a tender for realization of a non-public order in the form of a challenge to several prospects. The subject of the order is an 8-page pulsed CD booklet. This will be one of Pornoheft's investments in its new record project called 'DNA'. This project is funded by the Pornoheft Foundation and the Institute of Pornoheftist Movement of the Academy of Applied Sciences of Pornoheft Republic.
Terms and conditions:
1. Place of performance: Joint Laboratory of Music, Pornoheft Labs
2. Date of performance: before January 28, 2006.
3. Applicants are encouraged to ask for more detailed specifications or laboratory conditions.
5. The offers will be evaluated by a committee established by the Pornoheft Labs' Board of Directors.
6. Pornoheft reserves the right not to conclude a contract with any of the applicants.
7. Pornoheft reserves the right to cancel the tender.

# October 11, 2005 Pornoheft to play Blues & Beyond in October
Pornoheft will be attending the '3fach' event at Blues & Beyond together with The Gift and Cloudberry. The entire Pornoheft product line will be available at the event, including records and merchandise. Vink Sperber is very keen to emphasise that all the design and development work for the event was conducted in-house. "Most of the new products have been based on customer feedback; enhancements which have been requested over the last few years have all been logged and incorporated in the new show." Among other things, these forward-looking statements by Sperber possibly relate to plans for the introduction of future Pornoheft services and products. When used in this report, the words "plan," "expect," "believe," and similar expressions generally identify forward-looking statements. These statements reflect Pornoheft's current frame of mind. Pornoheft strives to keep the information on this site updated and as informative as possible, but no liability, financial or otherwise, is assumed for inaccurate information or changes made to events, dates, divisions, rules or information contained herein.

Friday, October 14, Frankfurt, Blues & Beyond, + The Gift + Cloudberry

# October 9, 2005 Rumours about the content of the upcoming new album 'DNA'
During the past couple of years Pornoheft has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a dynamic and exciting live band, as seen at many venues throughout the country. The 2004 release 'Live at Vintage' was termed "one of their most important panic records they ever recorded" by Jean Puce. "The new album further develops Pornoheft's unique style and distinctive arrangements, ranging from haunting slow stairs to pulsating and driving wheels, mostly played by Sperber, Dishes and Dipn as some songs may contain Lars. A source said Lars has been in exclusive negotiations with Pornoheft for some time." However, Pornoheft's upcoming release, 'DNA', is part five of a Trilogy that began with "1967-1970".

# October 8, 2005 Pornoheft news feed available
AtomFeeds have become the premier information source for leading-edge news. To make it easy for you, the readers, to access data through a syndication or aggregation device, Pornoheft has atom-enabled this site, giving you a consistent way to read Pornoheft news. Plus, you're given more flexible control over the way you receive Pornoheft news content. You are aware of updates the moment they're available, and that immediacy strengthens your connection to Pornoheft.
Open the Pornoheft News Blog in a new window. Thanks to search technology, you can get a result for any search you do. Subscribe to the Pornoheft Feed with your RSS reader of choice.

# October 1, 2005 Pornoheft Technology - Background
As a result of years of concentrated research and development, Pornoheft Research Team has invented technologies, that allow Pornoheft to continuously create spectacular music and new stunning sound designs. You could say that Pornoheft is an “advanced pattern generator” that creates music based on input source material, but Pornoheft is an unlimited pattern generator, which has many different algorithms seamlessly integrated as a whole to provide a powerful “music generation engine”. The Pornoheft architecture allows the musicians to play in real-time even while Pornoheft is running; various parts of the noise may be modified, disabled, etc. Pornoheft can be thought of as having many different “attributes” that determine the overall effect of music. Each of these attributes are controlled by Pornoheft and can be individually varied or changed in groups in real-time as the music is being generated. Pornoheft specifies the rhythm the notes will be generated with, the general direction of movement, the types of chords to be played, there are parameters that allow Pornoheft to be melodically transposed, however, it is important to note that the actual pitches are supplied or determined only by Pornoheft's real-time input. Pornoheft combines real-time control and immediate access method to create music, since what is produced is directly related to Pornoheft.

Pornoheft Research Lab has been under development for years by Vink Sperber, a guitarist, singer and bass player well recognized in the industry for his sound design. While working with Sif Dishes as an independent consultant on the design of his songs, he gained an enormous insight into the manipulation of data by creating what was to become a future Pornoheft song. Furthermore, for over a year he had worked with Sif, creating many of the songs distributed world-wide in the Pornoheft products later, during which time he learned every trick in the book for realistic nuances in achieving special effects through nothing, etc. Based on those experiences, and also to make it easier for them to create songs, Vink, Sif and a guy called "grosses E." on drums began developing songs together with the goal to make it easy to achieve effects that were traditionally difficult for them to emulate individually, such as convincing glissandos and radical and diverse real-time tonal control of wildly panning voices. Not only did they achieve these goals, but as Pornoheft grew in form, features, and function it became apparent that much more could be generated than they had initially envisioned. In 2002 Vink licensed Pornoheft Research Lab to Fisz Dipn and Sif Dishes for use in Pornoheft, with Pornoheft being the first product to embody the results of their collaboration.

# September 28, 2005 Growth of a new album
This issue marks the beginning of the recordings of the new album 'DNA' at Uwe Lulis Studios, Frankfurt. However, the frequency of downloads from the last album 'Live at Vintage' off the internet in 2005 indicates a growing and vigorous visibility of Pornoheft. In 2004 the average monthly download volume was 694. This has increased to an average of 8511 per month in 2005. This success supports the notion of a specific need for a specialized new album. As Pornoheft moves into publication it will soon be time to remind customers that the album will feature a multiple page booklet format. You will also notice several changes on the new album cover for 2005 that reflects areas of progress and change for the album. Pornoheft is working efficiently and has considerably shortened it's time for publication. The names and shoe sizes of the band members are now featured in the booklet, freeing space on the cover to make a more emphatic statement about the breadth of the album. In addition to regular lyrics, the album will be published in various languages, corresponding to the band, hot topics in DNA, meeting reports, various high quality images and historical reflections. The booklet will also feature occasional guest edited special issues that focus on in-depth discussion of selected topics of interest. A special issue edited by Jean Puce, CEO of Empty Head Records, is a tour de force that will certainly provide a significant contribution to the D.I.Y. movement. Pornoheft will specifically continue the former practice of placing publications online before proofs have been corrected, to provide immediate downloading and possibly citation of information. Pornoheft still welcomes input from it's customers on any and all relevant topics, including suggestions for improvement.

# September 12, 2005 Pornoheftist movement - The origins reviewed
The origins of the Pornoheftist movement can be traced to the founding of the band in Frankfurt in 2002. Sif Dishes, Vink Sperber and Fisz Dipn started Pornoheft and in a matter of days, they had assembled the core of the Pornoheftist movement. Although a major point of Pornoheft is that is a not supposed to be a movement, several of the artists released manifestos, the most significant being 'The First Pornoheft Manifesto' by Fisz Dipn released on October 24, 2001. In his manifesto, Dipn professes the philosophy of Pornoheft which consists of three major points, "1. Pornoheft is international in perspective and seeks to bridge differences, 2. Pornoheft is antagonistic toward established society in the modern tradition of criticism, and 3. Pornoheft is a new tendency in performance that seeks to change conventional attitudes and practices in aesthetics, society, and morality."
"Pornoheft is a state of mind... Pornoheft is artistic free thinking... Pornoheft gives itself to nothing... ." So is Pornoheft defined by Sif Dishes. This is not to say that Pornoheft is definable, for it was one of the primary goals of Pornoheft to avoid the labeling and legitimizing of the establishment. Early on in the development of the band, Vink Sperber made it quite clear, "How can one get rid of everything that smacks of journalism, worms, everything nice and right, blinkered, moralistic, Europeanized, enervated? By running Pornoheft..."

# September 5, 2005 Mr. Ebu to participate in Pornoheft encore at Nizza Transfer
Pornoheft is proud to announce that Mr. Ebu, Director of Ebu's Music, will participate in the Pornoheft encore at the upcoming Nizza Conference in Frankfurt, September 10. In his wide-ranging role as the opener of the encore, Mr. Ebu will assume responsibility for areas such as encore analyst relations and leadership, and will steer Pornoheft's technology development. In addition Mr. Ebu will also be part of the Pornoheft encore at Blues & Beyond later in October.

Saturday, September 10, Frankfurt, Nizza Transfer, Untermainkai 56a, various other bands and DJ's

# August 24, 2005 Refurbished Pornoheft Compilation Center online
Use this chapter to find compilations containing Pornoheft songs.

Empty Head Records: "Nie wieder Vampirismus..."
Katze Platten: "Katze haut Katze in die Fresse!"
Strictly Commercial Records: "Tod der CD Vol. III"
Demenz Records: "Chaostheorie"
Aggro's Records: "Ich glaube es hackt"
SlamZine: "Compilation #2"
Virus Plattenladen: "Adventskalender 2003"
Gregor Schubert: "Ball of Fame" (Soundtrack)

# August 20, 2005 Pornoheft assigned new distributor for international market
By 20th of August will start distributing Pornoheft products in the international market. With this new distribution agreement Pornoheft becomes not only available through Empty Head Records but also through this new partner. Interpunk is a strong distributor for panic music since 1997. "We have chosen Interpunk as our partner because of their business model and their flexibility and added value towards the market. We are confident in building up a strong partnership", says Docdos, new Marketing Manager for Pornoheft. "For Pornoheft it means expanding their current product line with another A-brand in business. As a leading distributor, Interpunk suit us perfect into our product portfolio with a broad range of high-end music. Interpunk is working close to the market and responding to their needs, just like Pornoheft. Interpunk will be a great vendor of choice for us". Pornoheft and Interpunk will offer the full range of Pornoheft based products for home and office use.

# August 15, 2005 Pornoheft signing up for new studio dates
Writing new songs has finally been completed and whilst plans for 2005 are still not finalised it is hoped that these new songs will form the basis of the long awaited new studio album which will be recorded later in the year. The upcoming rebuild and refit of Uwe Lulis Studios will now probably take place late summer early autumn (this is to allow work to start on the album). Thanks to their profound knowledge of the trade, Pornoheft appreciates the great beta testers who helped Pornoheft to refine techniques after receiving annotations about the beta recordings from earlier this year. Furthermore it is highly expected that Pornoheft will again do performances in 2005 although no gigs are scheduled at this time, in addition to this it is rumoured that Pornoheft will also play some live sets in London, however details of this are as yet unconfirmed.

# August 14, 2005 Lets Not Cares to participate in tribute album
The Lets Not Cares today confirmed that they have tested positive for recording at least one song for the forthcoming Pornoheft tribute album to be released later this year on Empty Head Records. According to Jean Puce, CEO of Empty Head, and days after a rumor swept the net that The Lets Not Cares would in fact not be making it, another rumor was out saying that they would actually make it. Puce's 15th release will also feature Pornoheft songs performed by great artists like Lars, Mr. Ebu, Mofa, KENOH, DJ Ekid, Frau Metzgerschwein, The Halfters, Metal Gods Rebellion and many more. The Lets Not Cares were founded in 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany but recently moved to London, UK.

# August 12, 2005 Pornoheft breakneck speed confirmed by UK magazine Organ
UK music magazine Organ recently reviewed Pornoheft's "Live at Vintage", garnering the band an outstanding review of the product. According to the review, the album is the perfect option for anyone who likes to enjoy "raw breakneck speed". With an affordable price tag, the album is among the least expensive studio albums Organ has ever reviewed.

PORNOHEFT – Live At Vintage (Empty head) – This is manic! Some kind of insane German new wave wired up punk urgency with a screaming (almost operatic) vocalist yelling/yelping over the thrashing noise. It’s all very raw and most of it played at breakneck speed. Kind of Pere Ubu or Klaus Nomi meets punkoid thrash metal/old school street punk noise – first time I played it it kind of drove me to - well never mind what it did, I was hooked by the third play and now I find myself receiving disturbing e.mails direct from Satan demanding we make them famous or at least fly over for their next barbecue. I have no idea what they’re on about, I think it’s in German - there’s pink fluffy slippers on the front, they’re from Frankfurt and I guess they sound a hell of a lot like those Dead Kennedys without being that obvious about it – actually HEY! JOHN THE BAKER! This should be on AT!!! Dead Kens, Pere Ubu, The Malnourished and it’s all kind of frantic and ubber-jibberish and twitching and not for you nervous types – it makes no sense, it all makes perfect sense.

"Live at Vintage", containing 21 studio songs and being recorded in one of Germany's best recording studios is available in the US at, in Europe at Empty Head Records or
here, and is street-priced in Europe and Africa at €5 and in the western Pacific area, Asia and Australia at $7.25. For additional information on this and other exciting Pornoheft products, stay on this page, like see lots of Pornoheft images, order great merchandise or legally download free frantic music.

# August 2, 2005 Pornoheft reviewed in Uncle Sally's and Frankfurter Allgemeine
Both, German music magazine Uncle Sally's and Frankfurter Allgemeine have a review of Pornoheft in today’s edition. Along with reports on how Pornoheft uses instruments to send and receive messages to the audience, Frankfurter Allgemeine staff recently have witnessed the commercial version of a Pornoheft show at Dreikönigskeller, with plans calling for a less uproarious consumer version next year.
Wanna read what Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote about Pornoheft? Click here (to pop up in a new window)
For an album review by Uncle Sally's click there or here.

# July 24, 2005 Highest customer satisfaction rating among panic bands
This week, Deltahay Index rated Pornoheft as having the best reputation among international customers. The rating came thanks to favorable reactions to Pornoheft's strong growth, financial management, and innovative products. The other bands joining Pornoheft in the top 5 are The Pharao's, Frau Aal, The Bionic Elbows, and Lafftrak. In related news, recent Pornoheft reorganizations have required the band to reevaluate how it handles customer satisfaction. The moves have been driven largely by CEO Vink Sperber, who, since taking over as CEO, has added several sales, support, and marketing personnel to the band's ranks and required scientists and executives alike to find out which features customers really want in new Pornoheft products. Pornoheft plans to spend about 16% of revenue on research and development this year. Sperber believes the combination of solid growth and the new sensitivity to operating expenses has set the stage for improving performance. "The ability to focus on cost controls and drive business leverage at the same time as strong revenue growth in the businesses is a very powerful package, which makes for a bullish outlook for the future," says Sperber, who says he "owns Pornoheft". Sperber says it is "not unreasonable" to expect that in two or three years, Pornoheft's growth rate will be higher than it is today. He figures growth will range from 80% to 150%, depending on the quarter. Customers have been skeptical that the band can increase that fast, owing to the band's missing ties to the record industry. Sperber, for one, insists that the future of Pornoheft remains robust: The band last week projected growth in 2005 in the 70% to 90% range.

# July 22, 2005 Pornoheft to become fashion models for Italian star designer Paolita
You never know what's around the corner for Pornoheft. "Pornoheft is totally unpredictable," says Obielski. "No two sessions are the same. You never know when you are going to get a call, or where it will take you, but that's all part and parcel of the magic of Pornoheft!" Obielski jump started her career in celebrity and entertainment photography while working as a fashion photographer in the U.K. "I was given the assignment to photograph Pornoheft for Paolita, famous young Italian fashion designer from Milano. We had a blast on that first shoot. Paolita really opened the door to working with Pornoheft. One story led to another and soon I was traveling back and forth to Southern California." Obielski's most significant career insight came while shooting Pornoheft's Tour in 2004 throughout Europe. She observed the incredible power of an extraordinary team working in absolute harmony, a small club bound by respect and passion. Invited at one point to shoot from onstage during a performance, she recalls the incredible flow of energy between the band and the 70,000 people in the audience. "I felt the power and influence of music," recalls Obielski. "My eyes were opened to a broader world than the little crucible of fashion I'd been stuck in. The experience put many things into perspective. Entertainers can touch thousands of individuals in a single moment, while neither a dress nor a fashion photograph can ever have the same impact."
To be continued...
If you're one of those who learn best by looking at examples, then look at a free sample here.

# June 11, 2005 Empty Head Records announces remix CD by Lars
Pornoheft was very pleasantly surprised to see Empty Head Records announcing a new remix album by Lars at their cash register, first time to see them selling a remix CD. It’s an exclusive release from Omi Records, featuring remixes of the entire 1967-1970 Pornoheft album. At a very friendly 270 yen, you can order it at the Empty Head Records site. Here’s a statement from Jean Puce: “Empty Head exclusive!! The best mix CD in ‘05. I know it’s too early to say that now. But this sensible mix work by a talented artist forces me to say so. This is a milestone approaching its uniqueness, that so-called “popular” DJs and Composers will never reach. If you’re bored with all mix CD cliche then looking for a mix filled with fresh ideas, don’t hesitate to take it.”

# June 9, 2005 Thank you to Berlin and Stadthagen fans
It's still such a vivid memory, thanks to the fans from Berlin and Stadthagen, who spent their hard earned money to come and watch Pornoheft perform. Thanks to the people that fed and housed Pornoheft along the way. What a nice venue at Trickster, Berlin. Thanks to Lek Trenté, who worked very hard to get the Berlin thing off the ground. Nice days off in the capital, thank you all. Great dinner at APO Stadthagen! Special thanks to Samir and the mighty Wumben from Stadthagen for hosting the band and taking care of everything. Here you can see pictures of the youngest known Pornoheft fan. Apparently, the fan experienced her first Pornoheft music 3 times before being born when mom Bea was at Pornoheft gigs. Welcome, Baby!

# May 26, 2005 PoFash confirms new garment production cycle

Pornoheft Fashion Group is famed for producing Pornoheft fabrics of the very highest quality, and all the stages of manufacturing are conducted in-house. Pornoheft has a technical research and development team (Pornoheft Research Team) in charge to look for continuous newness. PoFash customers know that they buy the best available fabrics that satisfy their needs by maintaining a good physical and colour performance. Also with the restrictions PoFash applies to the use of certain dyes and chemicals and the treatment facilities, Pornoheft fabric is harmless to skin and environment. The 2005 collection exceeds expectations with an expanded new women's collection. For some customers, buying PoFash clothes isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a way of life.
Ordering information; shipping information; purchasing options: click here

# May 12, 2005 Pornoheft to play Berlin charity show
Whilst in Berlin the band will play a charity show at Trickster on Friday 27 May. Other featured artists include the Shadow Movers, Frauen in Führungspositionen and Itchy&Scratchy feat. 30years. “We are delighted this gig is taking place here,” explained Lek Trenté, tournament director of the event, "Pornoheft offers high quality music and much more to the audience. The event is designed to ensure a successful and worry-free experience."

Friday, May 27, Berlin, Trickster, + Shadow Movers + Frauen in Führungspositionen + Itchy&Scratchy feat. 30years

# May 2, 2005 Free Pornoheft ticket lottery: Find the Rioting Greek
Hidden Rioting Greeks started as an inside joke among early Pornoheft Research Engineers and soon became a tradition. Today, dozens of subtle Rioting Greek images -- usually silhouettes of a world-famous profile, or full figure -- are hidden (more or less) in attractions and resorts throughout the Pornoheft web page. No one knows how many, because sometimes they exist only in the eye of the beholder. See how many HRGs (Hidden Rioting Greeks) you can locate during your visit. If you are the first player to find a HRG, then you are the winner of a number of free tickets for a special Pornoheft gig. If you are the only winner, you win to bring many of your friends to the venue for free. In case of multiple winners the package will be split evenly among the multiple winners.

You want to be the only winner? Hurry up to find the HRG, then send an email here.

# April 18, 2005 Pornoheft to play Mannheim
Join Pornoheft on their excursion to the beauty and memorable places of the Mannheim JuZ. Be invited to an exclusive performance followed by a private backstage tour with Pornoheft. Learn to dance the Pornoheft Menuett and enjoy the culinary specialities of the Mannheim region. On supplement costs the Chef offers a private cooking lecture in Pornoheft cuisine. Together you will create a hysterical and most pleasant Pornoheft menu and learn more about the Mannheim Juz.

Friday, April 22, Mannheim, JuZ, Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 2-4, + Laréosol

# March 4, 2005 Lost Blech master tapes recovered
Ironically despite what the promotional advertisement is saying Blech has been hyped to death on the internet for years. There has always been rumblings that once lost Pornoheft tracks would finally make their way to the light of day again. A few months ago in the middle of one of those nights former producer Billy Landigger got an idea that eventually led him to his old box of tapes. They were in a storage building that burned about two years ago and they have been sitting in a soup of decaying wood and cardboard since the fire. He threaded them up anyway, and many of them played quite well. Blech was originally recorded in 2002. As we shall see, there is a long story to tell about disappearing and sometimes refound stereo-mastertapes. The existence of stereo facilities at the time of the recording sessions brings up the question, if Pornoheft recorded in stereo. This question can simply be answered with one word and that word is yes. Pornoheft used a stereo Zenith Trans Oceanic hooked up to a Wollensak Deluxe tape recorder.

# March 1, 2005 Pornoheft to play Frankfurt, Brühl and Bückeburg
Pornoheft has confirmed their participation at the forthcoming Bückeburg Hyderabad scheduled to take place at the Kronenwerk, together with Bionic Elbows, who have been exposed to Anthrax but do not have symptoms. Pornoheft is also in the early planning stages for an inspirational Brühl group travel together with Frau Aal. For many years, members have enjoyed the fellowship on Pornoheft cruises. In 2005, Pornoheft will once again offer the Pornoheft cruise. Many customers have commented on how much they appreciate such great travel experiences and the fellowship and worship on board.

Friday, March 11, Frankfurt, Elfer, + White Circle Crime Club
Friday, April 8, Frankfurt, IVI, Kettenhofweg 130, + Ayefore + Datura + Slowdrag
Friday, May 20, Brühl, JuZe, + Frau Aal + Versus + StAAtsFEinD no II
Saturday, July 2, Bückeburg, Kronenwerk, + Bionic Elbows + Lafftrak
Sunday, July 31, Frankfurt, Dreikönigskeller, Färberstrasse 71, + No*Comez

# February 10, 2005 The new album - Non-Public Beta announced!
Finally - an easy-to-use album to help the customer listen to music. Pornoheft needs a group of dedicated users to sign up for the Beta Test of the new album and give them good feedback concerning the product and workings of the album. Sign up here for beta testing. Want to be notified when the new album is available? Sign up here. Your data will only be used for notification!

# January 31, 2005 Pornoheft announces new studio album
The new record is the most powerful, most extraordinary Pornoheft CD ever to be released. Where Live at Vintage used a 17,000 pound thrust Rolls-Rock Avlon 302 guitar played by Vink Sperber, the new album is the first to use not one, but two guitars. These will initially be Rolls-Rock Spey 9002s played by Sif Dishes, each producing up to 23,000 pounds of thrust. Sif Dishes has acquired two of them, but also has two even more powerful 9005 units that can generate up to 29,000 lb of thrust for use in studio environment. The new album thus has the speed of nearly 1.100 bpm, or 61.000 bph. Its initial performance estimates suggest it will accelerate from standstill to 100 bpm in four seconds or 0-600 bpm in 11 seconds. Within five songs it will then reach its maximum speed of 1.085 bpm. Watch out for global release dates.

# January 27, 2005 Pornoheft is back from vacation
Pornoheft is back from vacation and busy. Various revised reports now show that Pornoheft is in the studio. That's why Pornoheft Research Lab's latest survey of Pornoheft's activities shows the January index of up to 160.8, on an index where 50 separates expansion from contraction. More important, Pornoheft are planning to play more; the 90-day performing index rose to 64.3. Analysts believe that the first quarter of 2005 should bring with it a lot more Pornoheft activities, progress on the export front, industrial sector activity, and ultimately a little more speed processing. The economists reckon Pornoheft will reach its best performance in 2005-2006 since 1989-1990. This story is based on data collected monthly by Pornoheft Research Lab.

# Pornoheft Booking