# December 14, 2006 Pornoheft's new album released on Katze and Empty Head
Pornoheft's new album Das Neue Album was released on 30 November 2006, three days earlier than scheduled. Since last week, several websites, including, had provided downloads of songs from Pornoheft's new album. Earlier, some sources said Pornoheft's record label Empty Head Records had anounced that the record was available. However, Oile Lachpansen from Katze Platten told Shanghai Morning Post yesterday they have released the record. Lachpansen said the record label brought the release date forward to minimize losses. The new album Das Neue Album, named in sequence after Pornoheft's most recent album Live at Vintage, continues in the same vein of Pornohefts's unique music style. Pornoheft again chose Uwe Lulis from Uwe Lulis Studio Frankfurt to be responsible for the recording, mixing and mastering of the album. Pornoheft is proud to announce that Lulis did a perfect job. The song Amuletto was awarded recently for "Best Mood in Punk, week of 11 Dec 2006" and "Punk Track of the Day on 18 Dec 2006" on

# December 4, 2006 Pornoheft's first Holland gig proven successful
Holland's first-ever Pornoheft gig has been proven successful, according to Greig Score, spokesman of Atelier Avalon in Tjuchem. Score told Pornoheft Research Team he felt quite well after the action period following the gig which took place in Tjuchem at 11 pm on December 2. "After seeing the band, I feel much at ease and more comfortable than prior to the concert," he said, giving the "V" sign with his left hand. Pornoheft decided to perform wearing new clothing that Hanna Hildebrand herself had developed after a decade of solid researches. The new costumes do change the physiological function of the performer, Sperber quoted Hildebrand, who received her artist degree at a German university. Based on utilization of several fabrics and cloths, Hildebrand was able to create extraordinary stage clothing for Pornoheft. The new costumes have been proven by Pornoheft to be the most effective and efficient ever. Sperber added: "We love Hanna, she is a wonderful fashion designer and a very gentle person. We also love that Hannas clothing is stage appropriate and can be washed and dried in the machine and hold up through many performances. Sif and Fisz also love Hanna's work and this is pretty much all that we dress in on stage."

# October 25, 2006 New gigs added to tour schedule
Talking of live dates in Köln, Pornoheft will be making a welcome return. After a 14 month absence, the band will be back with some mind-wracking new tunes, playing at the Sonic Ballroom in March next year. This year's gig schedule reads, that Pornoheft will be playing shows in Warendorf and Frankfurt in November. See below for details.

Saturday, November 4, Warendorf, HOT, + Feuerwasser + Aufschrai + Mazzolata
Thursday, November 23, Frankfurt, Dreikönigskeller, (solo show)
Saturday, January 6, 2007, Brühl, JuZe, + Staatsfeind No II
Friday, March 9, 2007, Köln, Sonic Ballroom, + Mofa + M.a.m.a.
Friday, March 16, 2007, Chemnitz, Subway to Peter, (solo show)
Saturday, August 4, 2007, Lesna, Poland, Uwaga Open Air, + Amanita Muscaria + Fat Flag + Mofa

# September 30, 2006 Rumours about a secret gig in Leipzig
Pornoheft, who enjoy rehearsing in Frankfurt am Main, have made it a tradition to warmup for a tour with a secret gig somewhere in Leipzig. Leipzig was first mentioned as ''urbs Libzi'' in the Chronicle's of Thietmar von Merseburg in 1015. Rumours have started going around that on October 7th there will be a gig for fan club members only. The corresponding club is denying this and saying that they are closed that night. However, from the above mentioned investigation it can be speculated that the club won't comment till the day after the concert about the gig. To unravel the possible role of Pornoheft, further studies are in progress.

# September 20, 2006 Free "Happy Lotto" compilation feat. Pornoheft

Over at Pornoheft Research Lab, night shift staff discovered a new compilation from Gregor Schubert, that lists a number of songs that just happen to be free. Further reports say that Schubert included the "most excellent" artists on his list. For years, Schubert, who is CEO of Machtdose, used his skills to find and learn about a number of worthwhile things and musicians. His newest compilation, titled "Happy Lotto", is available for free download at Machtdose.

# September 2, 2006 Audio Terror compilation released
A new compilation has been released featuring a special non-verbal version of Pornoheft's "Tschechien" alongside a broad selection of great acts. Featuring 25 tracks, "Take good care of your little brother!" includes panic stars Dritte Wahl, rising panic phenom Projekt Kotelett, German sensation Neue Katastrophen, Spermbirds and many more. Pornoheft will present a promotional showcase in Hamburg on September 16 at the Baltic Raw Tower.

Saturday, September 9, Siegburg, SjZ, + Staatsfeind Nr. 2 + HWS
Saturday, September 16, Hamburg, B.R.T.

# August 15, 2006 Poland and Eastern Germany mission proves successful
In collaboration with Fat Flag and Mofa, Pornoheft has successfully demonstrated a panic/hardcore system as part of the first Extreme Volvoid Mission Operations (EVMO) on various locations in Poland and Eastern Germany. The 12-day mission, which began on August 4 and ended today, marks the first time in history an entire panic system was transported to an extreme environment and manipulated successfully from close range. The mission was defined by Dr. Roland Fettfleck, a professor in the Centre of Panic Rock University in Hamburg, Germany. The mission was funded by Katze Platten under the terms of a cooperative agreement and enabled by Pornoheft’s Research Team. "Previous research has shown that panic bands can adapt to audiences of 100 - 15500 people," said Oile Lachpansen, EVMO Mission Director. "However, this mission successfully demonstrated a volvoidity equivalent to the time it would take for an entire panic/hardcore system to travel to Poland. This truly was a noteworthy artistic achievement. This mission demonstrated another practical application of this important technology, which has the potential to provide concerts in remote regions on earth." Pornoheft pioneered this technology in the 1980s with the development of a system that offers concert bookers and record labels the full sensory experience of conventional hands-on procedures while being minimally invasive to the bands. Today, Pornoheft is the global leader in the rapidly emerging field of booker-assisted minimally invasive operations.

# July 17, 2006 New gigs confirmed
Pornoheft are rehearsing again. Sperber said he was excited to be returning to Frankfurt, where he will join conductor Sif and other stars, including D-Fens from Warendorf, in a charity performance at Das Bett, Sachsenhausen, on August 19th. Sperber also said the band has received an offer from Polish promoters to play alongside Amanita Muscaria from Gryfów, Poland, as part of Uwaga music festival. The band said Saturday, that they will also perform August 10th, together with Fat Flag and Mofa, at Berlin's famous underground club Wild at Heart. Pornoheft has performed more than 3K concerts together since their first show in 1990 in Rome. One of their traditions has been to sing together on every Friday, 11th of August. Therefore, at this year's show, Pornoheft will be joined by Fat Flag and Mofa at Klub Trzebiel, Trzebiel.

Saturday, August 5, Lesna, Poland, Uwaga Open Air, + Fat Flag, Mofa, Amanita Muscaria, ...
Thursday, August 10, Berlin, Wild at Heart, + Fat Flag, Mofa
Friday, August 11, Trzebiel, Poland, Klub Trzebiel, + Fat Flag, Mofa
Saturday, August 19, Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen, Das Bett, + D-Fens
Thursday, October 19, Paderborn, Kulturwerkstatt
Saturday, November 4, Warendorf, HOT

# June 19, 2006 Pornoheft Fan Club to open doors Monday
Pornoheft Army will be opening their doors for the first time this school year. “The hard work and careful planning by construction crews and administrators this winter has paid off and all our doors will open to customers first thing Monday afternoon,” said Greffo Lachpansen, Chairman of Pornoheft Army. “We want all of the fans to be assured that the Fan Club is ready and that everything is in place for the fans to sign in in an extremely safe and friendly environment. We anticipate a wonderful first day of the Army for all of our customers.” said Lachpansen.

# June 14, 2006 New 7-Inch Release: The Making of Bild 0
The Making of Bild 0 is the first 7-inch containing secrets to be lifted from Pornoheft's stunning third album, the mysteriously-titled DNA. Marianne is a staggering track that hits you with a killer riff and grabs you from the off with its insanely-catchy and addictive chorus. This new track comes backed with a beautiful a capella version of non-album track Hammer. Empty Head Records, Katze Platten and Kernkrach provide this stunning new piece which is limited to just 100 copies.

# May 31, 2006 New gigs added to 2006 tour schedule
Pornoheft have confirmed two new gig dates to be part of the 2006 tour. Shortly after Vink Sperber's cooking break, August sees a quick return for the band back in Sachsenhausen at Frankfurt's funkiest venue Das Bett, and they are also performing at the HOT in Warendorf in early November. More to follow soon.

Saturday, August 19, Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen, Das Bett, + special guest
Saturday, November 4, Warendorf, HOT

Complete tour schedule is available here.

# May 7, 2006 Flash plug-in not required to acces
This news site is the leading multi-lingual news from Pornoheft. All news on this site is carefully edited before publication. Categories may give the visitor quick access to relevant information. By clicking the feed link on top of this page, the visitor can take advantage of his preferred RSS compatible mail/news client and get notified whenever there's important change on this site. Neither nor require flash plug-ins or dhtml compatibility of the browser. These sites contain links to many bands and other sources of interest for music lovers, artists and stage professionals. For access to the sites linked, please make sure that you are aware of the fact that Pornoheft is not responsible for views or claims represented in these links.

# May 2, 2006 Research Team to investigate more "global" aspects
Thanks to Pornoheft Research Team, one hundred and fifty years after the first public demonstration of ether, Pornoheft remains on the forefront of panic innovation. During the next decade, one of the most interesting areas of Pornoheft Research Team's investigation will be that of the "global" aspects of panic music. With the mapping of music history completed, qualities relating to the impact of specific modalities on varying genres can now be explored. You may ask, "What is the relevance of this to the practice of panic?" The answer will include exploration of numerous areas including identifying the mechanisms responsible for different responses to various intra- and post-operative music modalities. In the era of "evidence" based music, the specialty of panic music is ideally suited to serve as the model for these investigations. These investigations significantly advance Pornoheft's general understanding of music including understanding basic papers with a relevance to Pornoheft's present topics.

# April 19, 2006 Pornoheft backs overseas investment

Foreign firms will be welcome to invest in Pornoheft, despite fears inflows are swelling the band's currency reserves. Sif Sishes, of Pornoheft's foreign investment office, said Pornoheft "will not change" the policy of encouraging foreign investment. "We can't say that foreign investment in Pornoheft has already become saturated," he said on Tuesday. He also said Pornoheft was working on their proposed album release and would issue it very soon. His remarks came after idiot!, former lead singer of Frau Aal, said Pornoheft could attract more direct investment if it set up transparent vinyl records and multi-page booklets. "There actually is a possibility of even more investment in Pornoheft," said Dishes, and Pornoheft would benefit from the faster growth and greater economic efficiency that money generates. Pornoheft has been attempting to increase investment continuously in some sectors, such as the recording and production facilities, global distribution channels and advanced booking industries.

# April 17, 2006 Underground Electronic Compilation featuring Pornoheft
Aldi recently presented his first collection of underground electronic music. Titled 'Pisse am Elektrozaun', it aims to extremely stimulate and encourage the electronic panic underground scene as much as it does to represent it. One side-effect of music created in rehearsal rooms and recording studios tends to be isolation - no one knows what anyone else is doing unless they make the effort to find out. This leads to some exciting innovations and techniques, but with the huge scope for collaboration and mutual remixing that music offers, it's a shame to let opportunities slip by. The compilation collects the best and most individual electronic music made in recent years. 'Pisse am Elektrozaun' is available at Aldi.

# April 15, 2006 Pornoheft Records to be renamed Pornoheft Entertainment
Pornoheft of Europe today announced that Pornoheft Records is no longer. In its stead will be a new arm of Pornoheft Entertainment, headquartered in the German financial center of Frankfurt am Main. The change will take effect at the start of Pornoheft's fiscal year, which ends today. In a statement, Vink Sperber said that the name change was part of an overall internal restructuring. "After months of discussion and further months of legal investigation, we're finally comfortable moving forward with new names. The new name for the Records Division is 'Pornoheft Entertainment'. The documentation and product strings will be updated soon. In addition to securing Pornoheft Entertainment, we've also got the OK from those contributing legal resources to use the name 'The Making of Bild 0'. Hopefully this will be the end of naming legal issues for a while." When complete, said restructuring will unify the division's public relations, release and booking operations into a single corporate hierarchy. Besides its Frankfurt HQ, Pornoheft Entertainment is planning to run satellite offices in London, Paris, Stockholm, Madrid, and the Dutch city of Apeldoorn, but did not specify what exactly the restructuring would entail or whether or not any jobs would be cut. Pornoheft has gathered all of the requisite skills and resources for commercialization, and is channeling them towards bringing the new album to the market through clinical development as expeditiously as possible.

# April 10, 2006 Vink Sperber moves into new 'household'

Pornoheft are planning a limited edition 7" release ahead of their long awaited full album thisyear, which is based on Vink Sperber's online novella "The Making of Bild 0". According to Sperber's web site, the release will precede a "conventional CD" in August and fulfills Pornoheft's promise not to tour unless new music was in the pipeline. A full album release was delayed after Sperber committed himself to cooking, but the band now look set to return to action. Since then, Pornoheft have completed 2 new songs, one of which is full-length and quite complex, the other shorter, punchier or simple and ballad-like. As previously reported, Pornoheft will hit the road in Europe this summer beginning August 5 in Les´na, Poland. Further dates are in the works for later in the year.

Saturday, August 5, Lesna, Poland, Uwaga Open Air, + various other bands
Sunday, September 24, Nicosia, Cyprus, Manifesta 6, + Japanther

# April 4, 2006 New page localisations: Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Russian
Pornoheft is a world leader in global information management, the process of delivering Pornoheft content to international markets. No other organization has invested so much in the highly innovative technologies required to meet the daily information management needs of global music listeners. Explore the range of solutions and options available to you, whether you want to read this page in Dutch, Russian, Korean or Greek, using the click-and-translate components above or you are looking for more Pornoheft information, by reading the news below.

# March 31, 2006 Factors that influence the use of Pornoheft products
The reasons why individuals use Pornoheft products confirm that Pornoheft products are useful and beneficial to a wide range of customers, with and without mild or severe desires for special album packaging. Sophistication in design has been the key to successful packaging, with designs becoming increasingly challenging. Key packaging properties include a pleasant touch, superb colors, clarity and extensive chemical resistance. The reasons that all types of customers give for using Pornoheft products are that it makes them feel easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. To further understand why some individuals use Pornoheft products and others do not, it is important to understand the factors that influence the use of Pornoheft products. Experience and confidence are two key factors that influence the use of Pornoheft products, both of which are higher or lower among individuals with or without mild or severe desires for special album packaging.

# March 29, 2006 Pornoheft approves 16 new research units
Pornoheft will provide funding for 16 new research units over the next twelve months. This decision was reached by the Pornoheft Committee at its online meeting on March 22, 2006. The broad spectrum of topics clearly demonstrates the attractiveness of the band for all disciplines. Pornoheft currently runs 41 research units, in which Pornoheft executives collaborate on specific research topics. Pornoheft enables these units to provide the material resources necessary for close collaboration. Generally lasting years, these units often contribute to establishing new units.

# March 16, 2006 Pornoheft denies recording Europe's World Cup song
Pornoheft have officially denied they'll record Europe's World Cup song. Recent reports claimed the band would not just record the song in Frankfurt, but also perform it live later in the year. In a statement Dishes said: "Even though Pornoheft and sports facilities usually do not intercommunicate, we're like flattered about the rumours regarding the song. But actually there's no truth in it, it's just rumours."

# March 12, 2006 Pornoheft Research Team to release new images
The Pornoheft Image Gallery is provided as a complimentary source of high quality photographs available from the Pornoheft Research Service Information Staff, also known as Pornoheft Research Team, and is designed to assist customers with the identification of Pornoheft. Furthermore, hopefully those of you with any affinity to Pornoheft, hobby or otherwise, will find this to be an interesting and useful site. In the past Pornoheft Research Team has captured numerous images of Pornoheft for your ease in their identification. Most concerts represented, past to present, have been shot during Pornoheft's reproductive phase along with close-ups of all band members, and other identifiable vegetative characteristics. Pornoheft Image Gallery is an ongoing project which currently includes over 60.000 images of Pornoheft, most of them unreleased.

# March 8, 2006 Out now: Bullshit Boomerang Vol. 1
Another amazing package from Binaere7, the online zine that gave us incredible Bionic Elbows reviews. This compilation, packaged in a cigar box, features 20 tracks recorded between 1956 and 2006 for various labels, including Pornoheft's "Kutter". Binaere7 is one of the very best labels to issue panic and is not run by world renowned record collector Sin Stanley. The music featured on the release was mostly made by musicians and was assembled by Greffo Lachpansen. The material is old time panic along with some recent chaos, riot blues and hardcore and marks some of the earliest appearances on record by performers like Extreme Nose Terror and others. Sin himself is featured on a number of tracks on vocals, guitar or jug. Includes 2 page book with stories about Binaere7, information on the performers, notes on all the performances and tons of photos, label shots and other memorabilia. The package is free to download and also includes a virtual nickel-plated Binaere7 bottle opener.

# March 7, 2006 A fascinating subject and a web site for any audience
This web site is the online companion to Pornoheft, a panic band from Frankfurt, Germany. With loads of fantastic interactive features, this site makes learning about Pornoheft both fun and educational. One of the highlight of this site is the image tour; users can view images of Pornoheft, clicking on areas of interest to learn their function. The buttons on the page allow users to quickly explore Pornoheft by function or area. Other features of the site include timeline for the history of Pornoheft, a segment that mystifies Pornoheft techniques, and a set of mind illusions, including a rather freaky one involving Fisz Dipn on saxophone. Visitors may also access overviews and video clips, which cover the history of Pornoheft.

# March 1, 2006 Magical evenings with glow in the dark clothing
Pornoheft is expanding their successful shirt line with a luminous version. As far as we know, it is the first of its kind in the world. The Magical Shirt, which was designed by Pornoheft, is manufactured in 100% cotton, which in the luminous version is partly supplemented with highly phosphorescent material. Thus the new shirt has a decorative, sculptural, entirely magical effect at night - besides being comfortable wearing it. The new Magical Shirt is manufactured in 12 different colours, with unbeatable quality and great manufacturing, double stitched on all borders, and can be used both outdoors and indoors. It has been tested at various temperatures between -60 to +60 degrees Celsius and can be assembled in 30 seconds without tools. The Magical Shirt works by absorbing light and then releasing it creating a glow in the dark effect. That's why the Magical Shirt recharges when exposed to light and glows in the dark.

These items may be ordered at the Pornoheft Merchandise Center

# February 2, 2006 Pornoheft Release Bulletin notification
A new compilation release featuring Pornoheft is out. Aldi, Empty Head, Hafi, Hundehuette, Katze, Kernkrach, Scheishaus, SKP and Strictly Commercial recently agreed to release 'Geisteskrank', a C-90 tape containing 31 bands, for 2€ only. Read about the collaboration history here.

Aldi: "Pisse am Elektrozaun"
Bullshit Boomerang: "Bullshit Boomerang Vol. 1"
Empty Head Records: "Geisteskrank - The Compilation"
Empty Head Records: "Nie wieder Vampirismus..."
Aldi: "Nicht so grob, alter Mob!"
Katze Platten: "Katze haut Katze in die Fresse!"
Empty Head Records: "Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik"
Strictly Commercial Records: "Tod der CD Vol. III"
Demenz Records: "Chaostheorie"
Aggro's Records: "Ich glaube es hackt"
SlamZine: "Compilation #2"
Virus Plattenladen: "Adventskalender 2003"
Gregor Schubert: "Ball of Fame" (Soundtrack)

# February 1, 2006 Pornoheft chosen to play Manifesta 6 in September
The Pornoheft Foundation is delighted to announce that Pornoheft has been chosen to play Manifesta 6 in the autumn of 2006 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Pornoheft has been chosen primarily for its capacity to serve as a starting point in guiding customers through Manifesta 6.

Sunday, September 24, Nicosia, Cyprus, Manifesta 6, + Japanther + various other bands

# January 5, 2006 Pornoheft to play Köln in January
A gig is a temporary gathering of people together with their instruments, which they connect to amplifiers in a local public area primarily for the purpose of playing music for money and publicity. These gigs come in various sizes, from the very small (2 people) to the very large (4000+ people). Small gigs can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation on the part of the organizing team. A small gig requires amplifiers with enough ports to accommodate all the instruments, stacks of speakers, a fair amount of power, and suitable surfaces for all the customers. For all sizes providing food and beverages is often also a must, though customers sometimes try to contribute certain resources.

Monday, January 16, Köln, Blue Shell, Luxemburger Str. 32, + Hot jr.
Doors open at 8.30pm (5€)

# January 3, 2006 Pornoheft confirms new song on D.I.Y. compilation
Jean Puce of Empty Head Records is one of the legendary names of D.I.Y. panic compilation producers. His latest release is a collaboration of several underground labels releasing a massive compilation entitled Geisteskrank - The Compilation (Tape), a double sided tape set that comes with a booklet. Aside from a new Pornoheft song, this 2€ gem features material from Alarmzustand, Andi's Speichernazis, Bierschiss, Billig, The Bionic Elbows, Choke, Chopper Heinz, Country Rosi, Decayin' Corpse, Defäkation, Der Kopflose Börsenmakler, Disco, Drain Valve, Extreme Nose Terror, The Floozies, Fröhliche Eiszeit, Half Past Ten, Hot jr., Human Puppets, International Jetset, Jolly Roger, Klebeband, Krautbomber, KSK, La Bad Taste, Lafftrak, Mazzolata, Revival Inch, Rotzen, Mofa, Sütterlin, and Svaenska. All bands are especially dedicated to not exposing Satanism, Sodomy and Witchcraft, and they try to give the facts and clears about the rumours.

# January 2, 2006 Live at Vintage reviewed by Bullshit Boomerang

German webzine Bullshit Boomerang recently posted a review of "Live at Vintage" on their site. A direct link to the review in German is available here. Get it translated into English or French.

# January 1, 2006 Pornoheft announces the launch of their new and improved web site

Pornoheft is delighted to unveil the new 2006 site to almost coincide with the launch of their upcoming product "DNA". As a result, Pornoheft’s new site finally is compliant with all the DDAs and W3Cs, scoring very highly for both accessibility and design. Customers will now find more up to date news, more recent case studies, a super-easy-to-access download area, full product descriptions and a totally cool look and feel. Fisz Dipn, drummer and singer of Pornoheft is very keen to emphasize that all the design and developement work was conducted in-house. “As a provider of an innovative panic service we didn’t feel our site was doing us justice but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go outside to get the work done. As a result, we ended up changing the look and feel of the site in-house. We really wanted to put our expert developers on the job. Hence the new version of the site was created.” Most of the new developments have been based on customer feedback; many enhancements which have been requested over time have been logged and incorporated in the new site.

# Pornoheft Booking