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# December 31, 2007 Pornoheft Research Team to release Ball of Fame ringtone
Keeping Pornoheft as stable as possible has always been the mandate of Pornoheft Research Team. As the central team of the Pornoheft Teams, it has fulfilled this mandate for half a decade more consistently and successfully than almost any other institution in the world – a period of almost 6 years. The reputation of Pornoheft Research Team as a stable team has lived on in Pornoheft, our single band, since 2002. Pornoheft Research Team also performs key tasks for Pornoheft through its implementation of global booking policy decisions, supplying Pornoheft with cash, providing cashless payment facilities for Pornoheft and managing Pornoheft's reserve. Under international law, Pornoheft Research Team is also empowered to participate in composer supervision and to advise Pornoheft on matters of music policy importance. Finally, it has a major role in communicating Pornoheft policy to the public. However, Pornoheft Research Team's importance for Pornoheft goes far beyond these activities. This is because it has released a new free ringtone which is at once a sound basis for a stability-oriented ringtone policy and a generator of confidence in the fledgling ringtone markets.
# December 11, 2007 Pornoheft successfully completed December tour
Pornoheft CEO Vink Sperber today announced the successful completion of an exercise by Pornoheft and Mofa. A tour was fired including Wild Rover, Aachen. Shortly after lift-off, utilizing their new Listic Music Distribution System (LMDS), the bands acquired and tracked the audience, developed a noise solution and simulated the launch of a concert series. The exercise was training for the upcoming 2008 tour of Pornoheft and Mofa, which is scheduled to conduct an actual tour. It will be the first tour by Pornoheft of the renewed 2008 LMDS program. Last Friday, Fisz Dipn successfully test launched the 2008 LMDS, marking the tenth and eleventh successful test launch, in thirteen attempts, for the program. See gig info for details.
# November 12, 2007 Media attention centered around free album downloads
Pornoheft Research Team receives some reports that the announcement of details about zipped full album downloads sparked a flurry of media attention centered around the band's decision to release full albums online as a free digital download. The zip files' release marks the band's first release after the end of 2006 and the end of the longest gap between releases in their career. Upon this release, the zip files earned widespread critical acclaim, though the commercial success of the zip files is still unclear and undergoes further research. Pornoheft is a zip file veteran and knows that the bulk of profit will not come from cd sales. The band plans to embark on a vast European tour beginning in December 2007.
# November 11, 2007 Board of Directors meets with Pornoheft executives
Each November, the Pornoheft Board of Directors meets with senior managers to discuss the top concerns of the Pornoheft community. These sessions provide an opportunity to bring the most pressing Pornoheft issues to the immediate attention of Pornoheft's key decisionmakers. The agenda for the most recent meeting reflects the many new and ongoing challenges faced in 2007. Of foremost concern to the Pornoheft community and the Pornoheft Board of Directors are Pornoheft's efforts to improve free quality downloads. Pornoheft Research Team believes it can foster a culture of continuous process improvement within its Download group. This means moving to a model where organizational processes operate to drive enhancements to free downloads. Other Pornoheft organizations are jumping on the bandwagon. In cooperation with the Download group, Pornoheft Booking is examining ways to improve communications. Potential approaches include the use of online conferencing tools to resolve booking issues. This proactive strategy relies on developing band partnerships, modernizing internal communications, instituting process refinements and establishing personal accountability for quality output. While Pornoheft is making good progress, it is clear that much work remains to ensure consistent, high-quality releases. In a recent letter to Vink Sperber, Pornoheft's President and CEO, the Board raised questions about the band’s efforts to deploy the upcoming album and to use appropriate metrics to measure progress toward achieving quality output. The Board and Pornoheft management are now working jointly to focus attention on album quality. Deployment of new technologies will improve Pornoheft's ability to release, leading to better output and quicker release times.

# November 6, 2007 Pornoheft and Mofa to collaborate in 2008
Mofa, partly operated by the creators of Katze Platten, announced today that they will team up with Pornoheft on a tour in 2008 with the hope of eventually including additional customers for Pornoheft and Mofa. Alongside new songs, both bands will present a theory within music consumption, production and management that is focused on understanding the impact of individual behavior in the context of music culture. The role of bands has evolved over the past decade. Initially, the job was insular. Bands could be easily stereotyped as a performer. Now, due to increase in complexity, soft skills like good communication skills, collaboration skills are becoming more important. To be globally competitive, bands need to acquire knowledge and skills to understand unique culture of diverse individuals in the context of regional weather conditions and seasonal water outtages. As the barriers for bands continue to go up and as bands try to diversify and expand where the customer is, Pornoheft Research Labs' job now is more complex than ever before. Pornoheft is expected to collaborate with other bands dispersed across the globe. Under these circumstances, Pornoheft Research Team needs to build new dimension of collaborating with different bands of different musical orientation and different level of comfort with Pornoheft theory. Pornoheft will not only be more valuable to the customer but also will have a higher rate of quality output. "Teaming up with Pornoheft is a natural application for someone enjoying music," said Oile Lachpansen, lead singer and guitarist of Mofa. "Mofa are committed to Pornoheft. I can't think of a better way to encourage more customers to experience Mofa operating and building, as well as helping to grow the community of Pornoheft customers."

2007 Sunday, December 2, Warendorf, Dublin Road, + Mofa
2007 Thursday, December 6, Frankfurt, Cafe Exzess, + Mofa + Lars Becker
2008 Friday, January 4, Köln, Sonic Ballroom, + Mofa
2008 Thursday, April 17, Chemnitz, Subway to Peter
2008 Thursday, April 24, Czestochowa, Poland, Elektromadonna
2008 Friday, April 25, Piekary Slaskie, Poland, Klub Schron

# October 4, 2007 Pornoheft Research Labs to announce Gobo Pro
As part of their new marketing strategy, Pornoheft Research Labs is taking part in the Gobo Pro information campaign for Pornoheft, which is organised jointly with Katze Platten and sponsored by Pornoheft Washing Business and Pornoheft Cruises. Other partners of the initiative are Global Soulfuck Alliance, Antenne Platsch and the Oile Lachpansen Award. The kick-off to the campaign was held on 19 September 2007 with an evening at Oetinger Villa's Head Office: large numbers of young authors, lyricists, composers, band members as well as event organisers and operators of music clubs or similar establishments in the scene flocked to the event in response to this invitation. Dr. Akaias, Head of Pornoheft Music Service, provided clear and concise information about such topics as copylefts, Pornoheft avoiding Gema membership, the organisational structure and tariff systems at Gema and their possible disadvantages for both authors and users. In addition, Dr. Akaias answered many questions from the round of interested attendees, like, for example: Does Gema exploit the author? How do you avoid becoming a member of Gema? What factors have to be considered, if you don't want Gema to publish or perform your own works? The information initiative organised within the scope of the Gobo Pro campaign is part of Pornoheft's new corporate strategy, in which Pornoheft intends to take up the challenge of the new situation in the music market and extend the range of products and services offered for Pornoheft's myspace friends and other interested parties. The high spot of the campaign will be the series of new Pornoheft gigs starting in Mülheim an der Ruhr on 27 October, to which all Pornoheft myspace friends are invited. Here too, all those interested will have the opportunity to find out more about Pornoheft's work and to ask specific questions. Globally, Pornoheft administers the copyrights of more than 50 Pornoheft songs (composed, lyricised and musically published by Pornoheft) as well as those of millions of myspace friends from all corners of the world.

Saturday, October 27, Mülheim/Ruhr, AZ

# September 14, 2007 New music video released by Pornoheft Research Team
Pornoheft Research Team has re-released Udu as a new straight forward Pornoheft music video. The video, directed and produced by Christine de la Garenne, premiered on YouTube during the second week of August, and is set for a feature on the famous Knox Forum later this month. Head over to Pornoheft Video area for "Udu".
# September 9, 2007 Warendorf gig relocated to Gasthaus Muck
For reasons beyond Pornoheft's control, the September 15th gig has been relocated to Herzebrock-Clarholz, Gasthaus Muck. Pornoheft Research Team is proud to announce, that Gasthaus Muck is a wonderful spot to view bands and is located only about 20 kilometres from the original venue in Warendorf. Indulge yourself and enjoy total relaxation at Gasthaus Muck. Getaway from the hustle and bustle, and re-awaken the soul. Lose your sense of time and discover a little more of Mofa, Pornoheft and yourself. Through an aggressive growth strategy, Pornoheft is steadily entering new locations across Europe. Jean Puce of Empty Head Records: "Pornoheft’s strategy aims to establish the band as a global brand, primarily through D.I.Y., composed of a critical mass of full-service, quality products and venues located in key primary and secondary cities in Europe and internationally." To that end, Pornoheft extended its reach in September 2007 by joining the Global Soulfuck Alliance, a partnership of renowned bookers in more than 150 destinations in over 55 countries around the world, including Köln-Mülheim and Berlin.

September 15, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Gasthaus Muck, + Mofa

# September 2, 2007 New free compilation featuring Kennedy
Over at Kommando Disko and Katze Platten, you'll find a new free compilation that lists a number of cool songs that just happen to be free. Jean Puce from Empty Head Records is glad to see that Katze and Kommando Disko included the "most excellent" Pornoheft song on their list. Over the years Pornoheft customers used this directory to find and learn about a number of worthwhile free music compilations featuring Pornoheft. The new compilation is available here.
# August 26, 2007 New gigs added to September Tour
Pornoheft has added two extra dates to their September Tour, starting September 7, in Frankfurt am Main. They will now be calling at Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt, on the 19th, and Bergisch-Gladbach's Q1, on September 22.
Head over to the gig section for details on the rest of the tour.

September 7, Frankfurt, Exzess, + Removal
September 8, Bochum, Wagenplatz
September 14, Barsinghausen, Falkenkeller, + Mofa
September 15, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Gasthaus Muck, + Mofa
September 19, Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa, + Dean Dirg
September 21, Wipperfürth, Abrockzentrale, + Mofa
September 22, Bergisch Gladbach, Q1, + Mofa + Strandgut
# August 9, 2007 Platsch named CEO of Pornoheft Booking
Platsch, a veteran of the music and booking industry, has been named CEO of Pornoheft Booking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pornoheft. Pornoheft Booking will now be able to provide value-added services and benefits to booking requests and venue owners. According to Platsch, besides delivering Pornoheft concerts Pornoheft Booking will offer various programs that complement the lifestyle desires of concert visitors, venue owners as well as similar affinity groups, with the goal of providing additional value to the global music and booking community through new music products. She says although Pornoheft Booking will not compete directly with older booking departments like Heftbooking, it will deliver newly developed products, services and opportunities that are designed specifically to enhance existing concert programs. "My goal is to help Pornoheft concert visitors achieve maximum utilization of their ownership interests, increase ticket owner satisfaction levels and enhance the potential for extended performances," Platsch explains. "Pornoheft Booking will deliver all of this in a true partnership with bookers and venue owners leaving control of the product delivery firmly in Pornoheft's hands." For the last year, Pornoheft Research Team, which is world renowned for its musical and technological expertise, has led the systems-architecture development for Pornoheft Booking. Beta-testing has been underway for several months and a third-quarter launch is planned. Located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Pornoheft Booking also has regional service centers in London, England; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Australia's Gold Coast. 
# July 2, 2007 Tiny review of DNA found on German magazine's newsticker
Some time ago, a number of reviews were revealed by Pornoheft Research Team, pointing their telescopes to the curves of the world wide web and international print media, using the method of sophisticated media search technologies. Most of these reviews were never observed before, which does not explain the growing list of reviews.

Click here to read the newly discovered tiny DNA newsticker review from Intro magazine
Find more reviews of Pornoheft releases here and here.
# June 25, 2007 New album announced
This news page has been established by Pornoheft Research Team to contain latest news and to apply knowledge that took time to evolve. To make this feasible, Pornoheft Research Team constantly acquires knowledge and applies it in the design of Pornoheft. Even if Pornoheft Research Team provides fascinating findings on Pornoheft information, only rather general conclusions on Pornoheft releases can be drawn. Newspapers say the new Pornoheft album will be a comprehensive record that you own, control and maintain over time. You decide when to share its contents - in response to a doctor's inquiry or because you think there is something more a friend of yours needs to know about Pornoheft. The record will include such essentials as Pornoheft's current medications and dosages, insurance info, living will, important recent measurement results, allergies, surgeries, immunizations with dates, family medical-history highlights and more. Sperber, Dishes and Dipn leave Fey Studios next week, and will be watched by Jean Puce and his brother Prince Oile as Pornoheft marches in the traditional passing out parade. Pornoheft recently had equipment on operational duty with Mofa, and is expected to return to Frankfurt.
# June 17, 2007 Pornoheft is planning to acquire further stakes in the release sector
Following the recording of 8 new songs earlier in the year Pornoheft is thinking of acquiring further stakes in the release sector. Pornoheft is due to start mixing and mastering the new album, when Pornoheft will drill into Uwe Lulis' Uwe Lulis Studios in Frankfurt in July. "Here we can imagine a sustained succession of investments along the lines of our recent investment in releasing records. On top of that we are developing a number of services and cooperating with various record companies," CEO Vink Sperber told the press. The underpinnings of this development are provided by Pornoheft Research Team, Pornoheft's data service that allows data to be transmitted to Pornoheft at rates comparable to high-speed data connections. Sperber refused to be drawn on which album might be released next. For about 5 years Pornoheft has been offering albums that do not require global distribution or headsets. Sperber stated: "We now have a team working on record releases that operates across the globe."
# June 2, 2007 New images added to Pornoheft Image Gallery
Pornoheft Research Team has been very busy recently adding new images to the Pornoheft Image Gallery. These include a new image of Vink Sperber, as well as other images, several new Fisz Dipn images and a few shots of Sif Dishes. A method of locating new images in this page is using an optical recognition system, grouping similar forms of the images together up to a undetermined maximum number of images, and using information obtained from previous visits of the page to aid in location of new images added to the existing gallery.
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# May 30, 2007 Pornoheft to review conditions for songs
Pornoheft expects to be ready by September to resume inputs from Sperber, Dipn and Dishes, an official said on Monday, as Pornoheft has called out 'Seoul' to help Pornoheft songs under 30 months of age. In April, Pornoheft allowed the first shipment of songs into the wild since imposing a ban in March 2007 after mold was found on some Pornoheft songs under 30 months of age. Pornoheft also agreed to hold talks with Fisz Dipn, who has pressed 'Seoul' to open markets, after an international group last month vouched for the safety of Dipn. At present, 'Seoul' will allow Pornoheft only songs under 30 months of age. "We will start to review the conditions for the songs. All procedures will be finished by September," Sperber said in a news briefing. Pornoheft Research Team says songs from 2006 under 30 months of age are safe, and with appropriate precautions in a controlled risk environment, songs from older origin can be consumed safely as well. Pornoheft Health Board, which sets guidelines for health and safety, gave Pornoheft a "controlled risk" status for releasing a new record later in the year, also known as record release, at its annual general meeting. Dipn reiterated that the song issue was separate from a free trade agreement between Pornoheft and Mofa.
# May 28, 2007 Pornoheft to confirm tour dates
Vink Sperber and Pornoheft Research Team have confirmed new tour dates that will come into force for the 2007 tour season. Special guest Mofa will join Pornoheft for the German portion of the tour, including the Barsinghausen and Warendorf events.

June 22, Brühl - JuZe, + Mofa + Staatsfeind Numma II
August 4, Lesna, Poland - Uwaga Open Air, + Amanita Muscaria + Fat Flag + Ephemera's Party
August 11, Münster - Baracke, Jette's Wedding Festival
September 14, Barsinghausen - Falkenkeller, + Mofa
September 15, Warendorf - Dublin Road, + Mofa
# April 20, 2007 Discovery of a near-perfect review of DNA
The Pornoheft Ministry of Research has confirmed the discovery of a near-perfect review of DNA in a quadrant near Köln whose heart is the giant Ramtatta Fanzine. Once DNA hit at the end of 2006, and the price of gas was predicted to escalate, that was when Ramtatta decided for sure they would set up a review. But at that point, there were no ad for DNA Ramtatta could find. "We even checked eBay, but could not find what we were looking for." says Nez from Ramtatta. "Our first thought was getting DNA at Sonic Ballroom, located in western Germany. Pornoheft were actually being held there." The value of the discovery has also excited Oile Lachpansen from Katze Platten. "This is the sign we have been told to wait for. Pornoheft is around the corner."
Read the Ramtatta review by Nez in German here
# April 9, 2007 Das neue Album reviewed by Ox Fanzine
German magazine Ox can quickly list ways to help bands improve: raise compensation rates and ensure bands have equitable, stable funding. While not directly advocating for Pornoheft, Ox noted that Pornoheft have the ability to divert customers into musical realities. In the panic rock wilderness, Pornoheft's roots run deepest. 2004's 'Live at Vintage' yielded thousands of listeners. Until the recent release of Pornoheft's 'Das neue Album', the only way to play older titles was to either buy the records, or keep the old habit of downloading. Pornoheft enthusiasts are still playing those great old Pornoheft songs, but albums can be hard to find. You may remember the name Korni from a review Ox ran a while back about Pornoheft's '1967-1970'. Now they've returned with a new review that can go both wild & smooth in one unit! The nice folks at Ox sent Pornoheft the review of 'Das neue Album' to test out, so here we go in German...

PORNOHEFT. Aus Frankfurt. Das wird nicht einfach. Diese Band schert sich einen Dreck um Konventionen, die in den vergangenen 30 Jahren Punk festgelegt wurden. Auch wenn ich neues Rebellentum im Punkrock begrüße, bleibt der Zugang zu Pornohefts zweitem Album zunächst schwierig. Pornoheft sind wie eine schmerzhafte Dauererektion, sie rauben dir den letzten Nerv und stoßen in der Öffentlichkeit nicht immer auf Verständnis. Chaos also auf der ganzen Linie? Nein, nur neue Wege, und gerade beim Gesang können die auch mal anstrengend für den Hörer sein. Ordentlich Dampf steckt trotzdem dahinter, das Schlagzeug stürzt voran, in eine ungewisse Zukunft mit Gitarren-Kreischsägen. Pornoheft verstehen es, Eindruck zu schinden. Ob er dann gut oder schlecht ist, das wird jeder für sich selbst entscheiden müssen, es wird aber definitiv ein bleibender Eindruck sein. Punkrock hat eine neue Avantgarde. (27:55) (7) Arne Koepke

# April 8, 2007 Holland tour confirmed
Pornoheft will play two gigs in Holland this month as part of their build up to the upcoming tour. Pornoheft will also have a team participating in the Uwaga Cup - which takes place in Poland this summer, where Pornoheft and Fat Flag will come head to head on Saturday, August 4.

April 27, 2007 Groningen - Op Drift, + Link, Hellhaak, DJ Afval
April 28, 2007 Assen - PopAs + Gegen die Wand + Shaggable Sluts

# March 28, 2007 New material recorded
Pornoheft recorded 8 new songs at Peter Fey Studios, Frankfurt in early February before the Unholy 11 Tour, according to the studio. Sources associated with the actions of the band state that Pornoheft's above mentioned work is in preparation for the latest album. As widely rumored, Uwe Lulis will be back to mix the follow up to Das neue Album, according to sources.
# March 21, 2007 Unholy 11 Tour successfully completed
One of the world's largest and most successful Unholy 11 have been safely disassembled and cleared away. On March 19, staff at the Pornoheft Research Team in Wiesbaden completed the dismantling and removal of the Unholy 11, who shut down following 9 days of operation. During their experimental life, the Unholy 11 set records for performance and made major long-term contributions to the development of themselves. Pornoheft Research Team finished the removal of the Unholy 11 on schedule and under budget. "This marks the end of an important chapter in the history of Pornoheft," said Vink Sperber, Director of Pornoheft, who oversees Pornoheft Research Team for the Euro Department of Pornoheft. "The Unholy 11 achieved many firsts that brought us closer to an era of touring. Now that the decommissioning of the Unholy 11 has been completed safely, on schedule and under budget, in keeping with Pornoheft's best practices, we look forward to continued contributions in touring from the Unholy 11."

Since the completion of the Unholy 11 Tour, Pornoheft Research Team has focused on nurturing the best new ideas in location research, both in advanced touring and in innovative financing. Two major experimental projects, along with increased theory, will anchor this program. The first, the Swiss Tour Experiment (STE), is already producing an increased understanding of communication. The second, the Dutch Tour Experiment (DTE), now being designed, will provide further insight into the capabilities of Pornoheft, particularly for stable, continuous operation.
# February 14, 2007 Katze Platten say Pornoheft will reign with upcoming album
Some bands take three-year breaks between albums. Pornoheft are working on their third release within one year. Their not-yet-titled album, set for release August 4, is considered more decent, reflecting their schedule. Katze Platten President Hans-Peter Stanley told the AP. "If you listen to songs like 'Der der Titel hat', you know the depth and how far they've come. The album can be about a romantic relationship or a gigantic plan of action. At least 'Not-yet-titled album' is a serious album. It's different, and that's what I love about it. People are not going to expect an album like that from Pornoheft. In the past, Pornoheft has made really great albums. This time, Pornoheft has made really great albums, but fans may be surprised by what they hear. It's different from the rest of the stuff that anyone has heard from Pornoheft before. They're singing about different things, it's a lot heavier. This business really helps you to find out who is heavy, and how heavy you are. You need strength and determination with Pornoheft coming at you." Pornoheft joined Katze Platten in 2006 according to the release of their album 'Das neue Album'.
# January 12, 2007 Pornoheft spring tour announced
Pornoheft will be performing their original musical revue in Germany March 9-18, together with M.a.m.a. from Wiesbaden, Germany, and Mad Hilda from Biel, Switzerland. "From small towns to county spelling bees or even insane asylums, this year's Pornoheft musical revue will truly shake things up and have something audiences of many ages can enjoy," Vink Sperber says. Sperber, who was a founding member of Pornoheft from early 80's to present, is the group's director. The group was formed in 2002 for the celebration of Pornoheft's founding in 1984, and ever since has performed each year on stage in collaboration with other great artists. "As a singer myself, I'm especially excited for the new locations to experience this year's lineup's strong powers and help bring panic rock shows to communities that might not otherwise get the opportunity." Dipn says. "Pornoheft come together to take the show on the road."
So far, the locations, dates and times are:

March 09, 2007 Köln - Sonic Ballroom
March 10, 2007 Münster - Baracke
March 11, 2007 Recklinghausen - Übungsraum
March 12, 2007 Frankfurt - Nachtleben
March 13, 2007 Mainz - Haus Mainusch
March 15, 2007 Hamburg - Fundbureau
March 16, 2007 Chemnitz - Subway to Peter
March 17, 2007 Dresden - Chemiefabrik

Programs are offered by Pornoheft Research Team to build partnerships to
book future tour schedules.
# January 3, 2007 Pornoheft to reinvent lyrics translation
Pornoheft CEO Vink Sperber made the band's long-awaited jump into the new album business and renamed the album to just "Pornoheft" reflecting its increasing focus on Pornoheft, Tuesday. Das neue Album is controlled by touch, plays music, and comes with lyrics translations in 14 different languages. Sperber said it will "reinvent" the lyrics sector and "frog" the current generation of album booklets. He said the last-minute album name change is meant to reflect the fact that Pornoheft has matured from a music manufacturer to a full-fledged music producer. Sperber demonstrated Das neue Album's music capabilities by playing the song Amuletto. Das neue Album uses a touch-string guitar technology Pornoheft is calling "touch-string". "We used a pointing device that we're all born with," Sperber said. "It works like magic. It's far more accurate than other pointing devices." Das neue Album is less than an inch thin - less than almost any album on the market today. It comes with a built-in 16-song package, and can be played on DVD/CD players and personal computers. In a demonstration Tuesday, Sperber slid his finger across the edges of the booklet to reveal Thai lyrics and then scrolled through the lyrics. The album supports Hi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless speaker technology. With a few finger taps, Sperber demonstrated how to find Portuguese lyrics. A prototype of Das neue Album was displayed by Sperber in September when Pornoheft announced it would release DNA through Empty Head and Katze. "It's got the horsepower to do the kinds of things we like it to do. Pornoheft has successfully partnered with M.a.m.a. and Mad Hilda for a promotion tour, offering concerts in March."

# Pornoheft Booking