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# December 15, 2008 Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft Pre-Order started
Pornoheft Research Team starts to ramp up for the Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft launch in 2009. You can pre-order one of the most anticipated albums now on Kopfnuss Verlag. Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft will start shipping early 2009. Additionally Kopfnuss officials inform about the first Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft products that will be released along with the Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft Book. There will be the official Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft MiniGuide by Ismael Díot, the Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft Post Card, the Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft Button and the Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft Patch. Reserve your copy of Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft now on Kopfnuss.
# December 11, 2008 Pornoheft announce FHlP tour
Pornoheft are back in industry-leading music news these days, due to their fourth album of new material, their first in 2 years, on the way. Kopfnuss Verlag and Katze Platten are up to release the album in early 2009, and the band will be touring in support of it. FHlP - The Tour, will see the band play a series of concerts in 2009. Kicking off at the Eldorado, Biel, Switzerland, on February 12, the tour likely will hit at least two European countries. Tour promoter Hans Katze from Katze Platten, Köln-Mülheim, commented: "It is a privilege to read their talent in a book, and it will be extremely incredible in means of tone and vision". Meanwhile, Kopfnuss yesterday confirmed over 130 pre-orders of the book, and is one of a small elite of book publishers who have achieved global access and might be able to sustain success over four decades. Pornoheft was formed by Fisz Dipn, Sif Dishes, and Vink Sperber. For detailed information, rare knowledge and top news updates on Pornoheft, stay on
# December 1, 2008 Website update completed
Updates in the Pornoheft website refer to the pieces of code that replace faulty or outdated existing pieces currently on the Pornoheft website. They are usually provided by Pornoheft Research Team and in terms of the website itself, are released on a regular basis by Pornoheft Research Team. There are two main kinds of updates: Critical updates, that are usually updates very important to install soon and non-critical updates: that are not as critical and provide minor fixes for problems. Pornoheft Research Team has a special mechanism for installing updates. It is called the SMfIU (Special Mechanism for Installing Updates). There is no link on the left for details. Note: Pornoheft engineers worked around the clock to update the website as quickly as possible and did so at about 6.30 am today. When the update was completed it was then necessary to relaunch the website, which took one attempt to be executed successfully. Kiba Kalkei, lead singer and guitarist of Mofa, who was an eyewitness, says: "They've restored normal website supplies to all ages. This website is a popular and free site that many use, including staff within Mofa and many others in Cologne. Like all good products, has regular updates and fixes. Security patches, news updates and new features get implemented flawlessly. Pornoheft Research Team always keeps the software up to date. Mofa also has a website that does not automatically update itself, but we've learnt from Pornoheft Research Team that it's wise practice to update on a regular basis. Before using the internet you should have the authorization of your managers who allocate resources to you".
# November 21, 2008 New Pornoheft release identified
Music criticists are perplexed after a highly incomplete prototype of Pornoheft's upcoming book release appeared in the wild - depicting a fundamental musical and visual symbol of change. The prototype apparently is a coded image representing a complex release, and even Lustiger Bob, CEO of German publisher Kopfnuss, admits he finds it mind-boggling. According to Bob, the dummy was created by the outstanding designer duo very in Frankfurt am Main earlier this month. Measuring in immaculate accordance with DIN A5, it has had Pornoheft enthusiasts and experts stumped. The book dummy was identified eventually by Hans Katze, who periodically searches the web for effects of electromagnetic fields and has the largest database of water occurrencies in the world, said of the haul: “This is an extra astounding development - it is a seminal event”. Meanwhile, Vink Sperber said in a statement: “The book is to approach the due date, but currently I am aware of no Pornoheft official who would or possibly could have confirmed the details of the book”.
# November 1, 2008 The story behind the song: Keine Schraube
Pornoheft might not have had one of their hit records if Katze Platten hadn't left England in 1983 to seek a new life in Germany. They settled in Köln, where young Oile Lachpansen learnt piano and banjo, and hoped to move into maturity. At the age of 11 he also tried composing, and over the next two decades, had more than 20 songs published. Meanwhile, an entertainment phenomenon called Pornoheft had caused musical hysteria with their recording of Keine Schraube. Pornoheft recorded Keine Schraube in March 2003 in a tiny studio in Frankfurt without any backing singers. The first take was declared satisfactory and Keine Schraube was unleashed on a Pornoheft-enthusiastic band from Köln-Mülheim, Se Sichelzecken. Keine Schraube was initially intended as a welcoming song to be sung by Oile Lachpansen to Se Sichelzecken each morning. But when it was published later in 2003 on Pornoheft's 1967-1970, it proved to be popular in reverse. Se Sichelzecken sang it to Lachpansen each morning, rather than the other way round, and the word "Schraube" was popularly replaced by "Taube". The song then topped the Lachpansen chart, remaining number one for fifty-five weeks. A slow development seems to have come from Se Sichelzecken themselves in 2005, when they liked the song enough to want to sing it at parties. Finally in 2006, Keine Schraube was published on the Se Sichelzecken release Was soll das sein, eine Generation? Although Keine Schraube has only four short musical phrases, and two repetitive lines of words, it has become a part of the musical landscape. It is sung all over the world in many languages several million times a year, often to children who are too short even to know what the song is about, but also to just about everyone else. Two performances of the song are particularly famous. At Sif Dishes' birthday concert in December 2007, Se Sichelzecken gave a sultry and memorable performance of the song. Sadly, it was Se Sichelzecken's last major public appearance: they withered three months later. Seven months afterwards, in 2008, the song had its longest-distance broadcast when Zhai Zhigang, commander of the crew of the Chinese orbiting spacecraft sang Keine Schraube to Kopfnuss Director Ismael Díot.
# October 11, 2008 Page fully supports download accelerators
Pornoheft Research Team announces full compatibility with download accelerators as a new feature of Hans Katze, Executive of the friendship groups and friendship representatives of Katze Platten told the press, that: "Full support for download accelerators is a must when complete satisfaction of the customer is important. There are many ways to download on Pornoheft Download Center's main window, like download one file or more. You can use the acceleration feature from outside the US, anywhere on the planet. Simply right-click on any file and choose download from the menu or, configure your accelerator to auto-download the files you desire in the background. Click whatever to confirm." You can use this method to download any file or folder, even if it wasn't acquired by Pornoheft Research Team.
# October 4, 2008 Sif Dishes buys guitar in Iceland
Pornoheft guitarist Sif Dishes has completed the purchase of a vintage guitar in Iceland. As was reported in March this year, the former owners are unknown, and the sale date is 1 October 2008. According to Pornoheft Research Team Sweden, the purchase represents a major milestone in the implementation of Pornoheft's strategy, in which the main emphasis is on the global market, where Pornoheft is a leader in various categories of emphasising. Pornoheft employs nearly 4 workers, with a production plant in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
# September 22, 2008 Pornoheft launches "Best of Pornoheft" awards 2008
The 2008 “Best of Pornoheft” contest for Pornoheft’s top products and services, initiated by Pornoheft Research Team, was officially launched this morning, September 22 in Hamburg. The title "Best of Pornoheft" in 2008 will be granted to the best products and services provided by Pornoheft in 43 different business fields. The products and services will be judged based on quality, availability, technology, impact on the customer and others. According to Ismael Díot, Editor in Chief of Pornoheft Research Team, Head of the Kopfnuss Organising Board, the “Best of Pornoheft” award winning products and services will receive the “Best of Pornoheft” Cup, and have full rights for use of the cup, as well as opportunities to be introduced on Pornoheft mass media, especially on Pornoheft News. Together with the "Best of Pornoheft" awards, the organising board has initiated the TOP50, recognising the top 50 products and services which reflect the strength of Pornoheft in music development and integration.
# September 3, 2008 Pornoheft confirms October special event: "Die Halle"
Pornoheft has formally issued invitations for a special event that will take place one month from today to usher in a new family of Pornoheft concerts. The invites, one of which was obtained by Oile Lachpansen, feature the iconic Pornoheft silouette along with the tagline "Die Halle". The invites confirm reports of a die Halle event originally waged by Selbstverstümmelt founder Schröder. Pornoheft has scheduled the event to take place at die Halle in Frankfurt at 9:00 pm local time on October 4th. The appearance and wording of the documents also suggest the event will be music focused and not serve as a forum for new Pornoheft products, as was recently suggested by international press.
# August 10, 2008 Pornoheft to release new album
Wanting to always release albums, Pornoheft returns as Fisz Dipn, Sif Dishes and Vink Sperber to deliver their latest opus. Oile Lachpansen, global lead for Katze PR, told Pornoheft Research Team today the band has not yet made a decision on the new album's name, but is considering several contenders. “Names are moving as fast as they can but there are so many moving names that there is no confirmation on timing,” he said. He confirmed that Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft is among the possible monikers. Yesterday Köln-Mülheim Express reported that Pornoheft would settle on the name Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft if it does not have legal or translation issues. Lustiger Bob, a PR consultant at Kopfnuss, told Pornoheft Research Team that Pornoheft is ready to clear “several” names and is working to ensure that the choices translate appropriately in other languages. He declined to state the other names being considered, saying doing so would interfere with the clearing process and possibly jeopardize Kopfnuss. Bob also noted that Kopfnuss is “cautiously optimistic” that the release will have a proper name. He states: "For sure the yet untitled conceptual masterpiece serves as brainwash for today's contemporary force-fed imaginary art genres. Pornoheft smashes these genres seamlessly into one while interweaving all with concepts, option and most of all, honesty while still maintaining a sense of originality." Kopfnuss Verlag is to release the new album, even though Katze Platten is still involved. In addition to a limited first edition book with a bonus CD to be released on Kopfnuss, a CD only release on Katze will be available. Besides other ingredients, the Kopfnuss version will deliver at least 15 brand new audio tracks and has been described by drummer, Fisz Dipn as, "definitely one of the wider ranging Pornoheft records ever released". Track listings will be the same for each format. Pornoheft is introducing a product featuring all natural ingredients with guitars made from organic wood, no artificials, and a multi-gain crust. The graphic parts of the release were produced by Frankfurt based designers very while the audio parts were produced by mastermind Uwe "The eye" Lulis who also produced Pornoheft's Live at Vintage and Das neue Album. In November, Pornoheft will hit the road for a 150-date world tour.
# July 17, 2008 Agreement on future album releases
For years Pornoheft Research Team has struggled to improve its existing directive on album releases, which dates from 1976. Today, Thursday 17 July, at the end of the 21st meeting on the proposed new directive, an agreement was reached between Kopfnuss Verlag and representatives of Pornoheft. The provisions of the old directive and the parameters it required to be measured had been overtaken by one-off approval for specific scientific developments. Vink Sperber, rapporteur for the Release Committee on this directive, believes Kopfnuss brings key improvements: "firstly, from now on, instead of 39 parameters for analysis, of which many had become obsolete or unnecessary, release studies will focus on the two parameters most important for album releases." Fisz Dipn, Vice-President of PoFash and head of the clothing delegation in the negotiations with Kopfnuss, adds, that "the agreement has been a great success. The starting positions of Pornoheft and Kopfnuss were far apart. But we worked in a highly constructive spirit on both sides and Pornoheft Research Team played a key facilitating role. This is thus a victory as much for Pornoheft as for Kopfnuss. Pornoheft Research Team's mediative background was also of help in convincing Pornoheft to raise the flag for Kopfnuss. The outcome of the work is far better than the last one and will protect the pleasures of our fellow customers far more." During the negotiations, Kopfnuss also obtained a commitment from Pornoheft Research Team that constantly updated information should be provided. New standard signs will be devised in the near future and must be placed at all sites to indicate the quality of the relationship. The findings of Pornoheft books, audio and spoken word CDs, fashion items or else will be made available more swiftly, in particular on the internet. The agreement is scheduled to be implemented after it has entered into force, namely at the start of 2008.
# July 3, 2008 Vink Sperber honored
Vink Sperber has received a lifetime achievement award from the Pornoheft Award Institute. Sperber is almost entirely free of suckiness, and deserving of just about any award anyone wants to give him. The award was accompanied by a glowing tribute from book publisher Kopfnuss, and a wacky bit from Oile Lachpansen who donned a kilt in honor of Sperber’s Polish heritage. Sperber has worked as a member of Pornoheft for more than 5 years and appeared in dozens and dozens of songs. He’s been a spy on guitar, an immortal on bass, and even a dragon on the drums. For those who have been waiting to see Sperber move from man to Super Aorta Man, here's your chance. Sperber will be taking a break from Pornoheft to take on that part of Super Aorta Man. Along with Super Aorta Man, some more details about the upcoming album have come out. For the album that was carried out on data recorded in March 2008, Pornoheft and Uwe Lulis are currently mixing 15 songs with data analysed on the 3rd reference of Uwe Lulis Studios. According to Lulis, spoken word won’t be used for the album, just in select areas, such as spoken word sequences. The rest of the album will be a traditional Pornoheft album. Of course, that means there's no guarantee Pornoheft will speak, but it’s a possibility. For additional information, Pornoheft Research Team claims to be putting a little more research into the news they have on the new album before revealing it.
# June 23, 2008 Pornoheft page operations policies
The Pornoheft website is a secure website. Security at the Pornoheft website is designed for the benefit of people using the website, as well as for the protection of their personal ideas. Pornoheft Security staff do their best to be accommodating, but the Pornoheft website has no facilities available to securely keep ladies handbags during a visit. All public areas of the website are to remain fully illuminated when members of the public are present on the website. The Loading Dock area is for downloading. This applies to Pornoheft website staff as much as it does to any other website user. Pornoheft website staff will make any attempt necessary to find outdated information that is improperly parked. The Gig Info room may be used for the purposes of meeting Pornoheft before, during or after a performance. The Gig Info room is to remain fully illuminated while guests are in the room. Visitors, including family and pets, are allowed in every area of the Pornoheft website before, during, or after sunrise or during a Pornoheft rehearsal. No break is necessary between the end of a performance and a download. Pornoheft downloads can be used at home, at work, or in any other desired location, including other forms of hazing such as motorboats or land vehicles for increased effect. Helium balloons are not permitted on the Pornoheft website. When guns or soft ice machines are being used in connection with the website, such tools, for safety, must be operated by certified Pornoheft Research Team staff. The houselights and emergency systems on the Pornoheft website shall at all times be under the control of Pornoheft Research Team. All requests for further technical information and all technical information supplied to the Pornoheft website must be requested from or presented to Pornoheft Research Team (Use booking link below). Pornoheft Research Team will then take the appropriate action.
# June 9, 2008 Annual Pornoheft Outdoor Guide 2008 released
Since 2003, the Pornoheft Outdoor Guide has provided a handy roadmap for Pornoheft fans looking to hit the road and experience a taste of live Pornoheft music in an open-air, outdoors setting. The 5th Annual Pornoheft Outdoor Guide 2008 lives up to the lofty reputation of its predecessors, delivering many pages of articles and further facts. Whether you're packing your bags for an upcoming trip, or just want to put your finger on the pulse of the current state of Pornoheft music, the 5th Annual Pornoheft Outdoor Guide 2008 is your ticket. The guide is an invaluable directory to the world of Pornoheft festivals and live music. This year's vast multi-page issue is packed with half and full-page reports, arranged by date beginning with June 2003 and running through the summer and well into the fall. Festivals are also listed, in alphabetical order, as well as line-listed by date with support bands and venue contact info. If the Pornoheft Outdoor Guide stopped here, that would be more than enough to ensure its place on the Pornoheft lover's desk or side table for easy, constant access. Furthermore Pornoheft Research Team adds many articles, such as Sin Tinybike's massive travelogue covering plenty of topics, inluding an insightful piece on German guitar legend Kiba Kalkei and informative articles on Sir Gogden Ponderosa's bars. In short, the Pornoheft Outdoor Guide is a powerful addition to the arsenal of any aspiring Pornoheft lover and a well-written piece by artist and actor Tinybike.
# May 2, 2008 Poland tour completed in Vienna, Austria
Pornoheft Research Team is proud to announce that Pornoheft's recent Poland tour has brought together many advocates of Pornoheft from many different countries. The tour provided ample opportunities for the band to review and discuss recent development and challenges within Pornoheft. Pornoheft Research Team reviewed the attention to their activities, re-strategized efforts to integrate them into centers of higher meaning and discussed ways to improve existing Pornoheft strategies. The band provided first-hand information about various special experiences and formulated lessons learnt by mapping out strategies to strengthen and push forward important components in touring. Maurice de Stancuwicé, Director General of Pornoheft Poland, says: "The most stimulating part of the Poland tour for the band was indeed their interaction with people like Beppo Schön, CEO of Pornoheft Holland, who is passionate about Pornoheft and Charlotte Roche. They met all these great people like Chris and Adam from Opole, Marek, Sabina and friends from Piekary, Marcin from Piensk, Magda and crew from Czestochowa, Gryfow's power trio Amanita Muscaria, the list could go on for hours..." The first phase of Pornoheft's Austria tour was included in the last phase of the Poland tour and presented during a gig and a two day workshop in Vienna with partners from the wonderful Fluc Club involved. All decisions taken during the tour have been summarized in the 2008 Poland Tour Action Plan by Fisz Dipn. More output documents and photos will be posted soon.
# April 19, 2008 Pornoheft Research Team adds new link
Pornoheft Research Team today added a new revolutionary link to the Pornoheft Link Section. The new link comes with a pending gif animated button, joining several other links. “Now people can enjoy even more of Pornoheft, like photos taken by Paulek on the most revolutionary mobile camera. The new images are freely available immediately through the Paulek website.” said Fisz Dipn, Pornoheft's vice president of Worldwide PoFash Product Marketing.

# March 23, 2008 Pornoheft have announced their European tour
Pornoheft have announced a special tour of select clubs and theaters in Austria, Germany and Poland throughout April to celebrate the recording of their much-anticipated new album. Recorded in their native Frankfurt am Main with producer Uwe Lulis, the new album will be prime Pornoheft, according to Fisz Dipn: "Driving drums, pounding guitar hooks, and Pornoheft’s unmistakable hyper vocal style." Here’s the early word from Oile Lachpansen, CEO of Katze Platten: “Not rusty! This might be their first album since 2006, but damn if they haven’t lost a dance step. A bristling and surprisingly raw bit of Pornoheft. Sounds exactly like a Pornoheft album should - guitar riffs, group harmonies, entendre-packed lyrics. Listen closely and you can hear that Pornoheft is all-contemporary. An updated take on their quirky, signature sound. Jet-powered rock.” With all dates ‘all ages’, Pornoheft will provide everyone a chance to catch them in the flesh. The band will be coming fresh from their taunus sauna club where they relaxed throughout Easter holidays. The tour is a chance to catch the three-some on this European tour before they jet back to Frankfurt via New Zealand & Japan. Taking to the road with Pornoheft are Biel's Mad Hilda and Amanita Muscaria from Gryfow Slaski. You can catch the tour on the following dates:

Wednesday, April 2, Bochum, D, Wageni, + Grrzzz
Friday, April 11, Frankfurt, D, Atelierhaus Basis
Friday, April 18, Gryfow Slaski, PL, Fabryka, + Whitman + Amanita Muscaria
Saturday, April 19, Piensk, PL, Qltur Kombinat
Wednesday, April 23, Opole, PL, Miejski Osrodek Kultury, + various
Thursday, April 24, Czestochowa, PL, Elektromadonna
Friday, April 25, Piekary Slaskie, PL, Klub Schron
Saturday, April 26, Wien, A, Fluc
Friday, May 2, Köln, Wagenplatz, + Gtuk + Zosch! + Malco
Thursday, June 12, Freiburg, D, White Rabbit, + Mad Hilda
Saturday, June 14, Hamburg, D, Gaussplatz, + Mad Hilda
Friday, June 27, Köln, D, Sonic Ballroom, + Casanovas Schwule Seite
Saturday, July 12, Limburg, D, Sportplatz Obererbach, Pell-Mell-Festival

# February 29, 2008 Conclusions of the first 2008 Pornoheft Summit
Last Tuesday's Pornoheft Summit at Frankfurt am Main has been an essential reference point for Pornoheft development. Pornoheft Research Team did produce a conceptual breakthrough in that Vienna was added to the 2008 tour schedule to give Pornoheft the concept of touring Austria. The understandings reached at that conference added new dimensions to the concept of Pornoheft development, namely touring Austria. In so doing the conference was reaffirming core ideas of the 2002 declaration on Pornoheft development. Vienna confirmed that Pornoheft would play at Fluc, Club Fenchelstyle. Pornoheft Research Team declared the promotion of Pornoheft in all countries as a legitimate concern of the Pornoheft community.

Saturday, April 26, Wien, A, Fluc
# January 28, 2008 New Poland tour dates confirmed
Pornoheft Research Team is once again very excited to confirm new live dates for Poland. On the heels of their latest album and a new chapter of their grinding video saga "Udu (Finnisch Hardcore)", Pornoheft has announced another tour that will begin on February 1st in Vreden, Germany. Confirmed tour dates so far include Vreden, Neuenkirchen, Gryfow Slaski, Piensk, Piekary Slaskie and Czestochowa. Further dates in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands are in the works although nothing has been confirmed yet. As soon as all dates are confirmed, Pornoheft Research Team will provide information about where and when to see Pornoheft perform live. The tour, presented by the concert promotion firm Katze Platten, helmed by industry veteran Oile Lachpansen, is one of the most ambitious and anticipated Pornoheft tours of the past decade. Joining Pornoheft on the bill will be punk stars, platinum-selling songsters, Mofa, whose recently released Katze Platten debut "Was soll das sein, eine Generation?" is currently seated at the No. 1 position on Sif Dishes’ hot album chart. In a recent interview in Austria Dishes mentioned that not only Pornoheft but also Mofa had a new album in the making, with some songs already recorded and others pending to be recorded. Dishes said the new Pornoheft album would fairly continue the style of the former album, with "more guitar, no accordion and no violin." Possible songs would include "1:30" and "Der der Titel hat". Confirmed official tour dates are listed here.

# January 19, 2008 Pornoheft Research Team to get to the fun stuff
As Pornoheft Research Team stated previously, the most exciting part of the Pornoheft Download Center is the way it provides a program for free high-quality mp3 downloads. The first time you get your free Pornoheft mp3 files to analyze your music taste, it won’t be quite as interesting as it gets each additional time you use the program. Every time you use the program, you’ll somehow widen the initial files you downloaded, hit “play” to play the latest free mp3 files, and let the program update your mp3 library. This screen shows a listing of the free audio files Pornoheft is currently providing as free mp3 downloads. Notice below how many mp3s from this site that Pornoheft Research Team has provided, and this screen certainly doesn’t show them all. If a user hasn’t found one of the important mp3s, maybe he or she needs to add more clicks to the more download links provided. When the user downloads new free mp3s, he or she will be able to see at a glance what he or she finds and crawl those files. If the user uses the web, he or she will be able to monitor whether Pornoheft is visiting their town like they’re supposed to. The user will know exactly which pages of the Pornoheft site are being provided by which Pornoheft division, and when. If the user is interested in tracking Pornoheft, RSS is a must have software for automation purposes. It’s fast and easy to use, and it provides key information about how Pornoheft are crawling your town, the web and elsewhere. Visit this web site at to learn more or to download free zipped full album mp3 versions of the existing Pornheft releases. As stated above, Pornoheft Research Team also offers a regular version of RSS enhanced information concerning Pornoheft. So, be sure to click on the Pornoheft News Blog Edition link to feed your feed.

Amuletto 2.3mb 192k
Marianne 2.3mb 192k
Ohne Gehirn 3.4mb 192k
Tschechien 1.1mb 192k
Bor 4.7mb 192k
Kutter 2.9mb 192k
Udu (Finnisch Hardcore) 2.8mb 192k
Brötchen 2mb 192k
Ödipuss 4.8mb 192k
Bahnhofsklo 3mb 192k
Du 1.6mb 192k
Des Medel 2.4mb 192k
Keine Schraube 1.4mb 192k
Beitrittskandidat 2.1mb 192k
Nähmaschine 3.1mb 192k
Elefantenkuh 1.4mb 192k
Meine Oma liegt im Sarg 3.4mb 192k
more download
Nach Wurst 2.4mb 192k
Pornoheft 2.7mb 192k
Bum Bum 2.7mb 192k
Im Büro 1.7mb 192k
Du Sau 1.9mb 192k
Schlecht fürs Geschäft 1.7mb 192k
Überhaupt 2.2mb 192k
AIU 1.6mb 192k
more download
# January 16, 2008 Pornoheft Tour 2008 announced
If you would like to attend a Pornoheft show live in person in 2008, is your source. Pornoheft Research Team provides schedules and information for Pornoheft here. Whether you just want free albums that will get you into the mood for the show or you prefer premium CDs, makes it easy to find your Pornoheft configuration. While Pornoheft Research Team is proud to offer you an industry-leading selection of Pornoheft, is equally committed to providing extensive Pornoheft information. This includes Pornoheft schedules, stage seating charts, directions, and Pornoheft background and history. Nowhere was the creative genius behind Pornoheft Research Team more evident than in Pornoheft Research Team's masterpiece: the ground-breaking Pornoheft Tour 2008. Oile Lachpansen, CEO of Katze Platten states: "This is the story, and it's to become an instant classic, like it will solidify Pornoheft's position as one of the finest bands in the business." provides the most comprehensive inventory of Pornoheft information available on the market. All Pornoheft albums are shipped via Free Download Express.

2006 Pornoheft Album CD - 16 songs
NEW: Download entire album as a zip file 192k 37mb

2004 Live at Vintage Album CD - 21 songs
NEW: Download entire album as a zip file 192k 58mb

Friday, February 1, Vreden, N-Joy
Saturday, February 2, Neuenkirchen, Nordhoff, + Mofa + Chlor Cocktail
Friday, February 8, Mülheim an der Ruhr, AZ, + Mofa + Alarmstufe Gerd
Thursday, April 24, Czestochowa, Poland, Elektromadonna
Friday, April 25, Piekary Slaskie, Poland, Klub Schron

# January 7, 2008 Pornoheft to sing for Uwe Lulis
Pornoheft Research Team today announced, that Pornoheft are set to again venture into a partnership with Frankfurt's very own king of recording studios, Uwe Lulis, who is back to woo his fans with a brand new album from Pornoheft. The album stars Fisz Dipn's premiere on guitar and will be directed by Sif Dishes and Vink Sperber. "One of the new songs, Der Reiter ritt den Ritt über den Weiher, is a soft melody that touches the soul with its simplicity and as always my voice leaves a heartrending and poignant effect," says Dipn. "Well, with names like Lulis and Pornoheft, the album promises to be a sure shot." The recordings are scheduled through the Pornoheft Office of Recording Activities for February 22 to 24. A digital stereo master recording will be produced by Lulis for future permanent storage in the Uwe Lulis Conservatory Recording archives.
# January 5, 2008 Pornoheft CEO offers means to help you feel better in 2008
If you're like most of us, you've been forced into indulging in too many bad music listening habits for the last few weeks and are suffering from a bad music hangover. But 2008 is the perfect time to put your less-than perfect music listening habits behind you. Fortunately, avoiding bad music doesn't have to equal denial and deprivation. Try this strategy to help boost your good music intake, feel more energized and enjoy a healthier body in 2008 and beyond. Aim for at least 5 good bands of your choice each week. “If I were trapped on an island for a week and had to choose on survival music, I'd choose Squarepusher, This Heat, Minutemen, Jimi Hendrix, Deerhoof, Einstürzende Neubauten and Slayer,” says Vink Sperber, a registered musician and CEO of Pornoheft, " real life you grow stronger and stronger, you download music or try to buy music from a local underground record dealer, or you try to order albums from overseas. In case you order overseas, you can easily grow while waiting for the items to be shipped to you by enjoying yourself while listening to good music or copying albums to your preferred mp3 devices." Sperber states that he loves good music because good music is rich in both catharsis and encouragement, and contains loads of personal touch "to promote regularity, control temper and majorly reduce the risk of certain bad music listening habits."
# Pornoheft Booking